FRIGHTENING Fan shows up at house of Matt Schaub



Matt Schaub had to deal with some frightening moments today due to a crazed football fan. The Houston Texans quarterback was the victim of a someone-with-way-too-much-free-time showing up at his house to berate him.

“A fan went to his house and told him off,” a source close to law enforcement told CBS Houston, adding that another person “took pictures of his family,” which were allegedly posted on Facebook.

Texans and NFL security have gotten involved, and it’s expected they will ramp up security around Matt Schaub. He’s been under extreme fire this season from crazed over-the-top obsessive football fans. An area restaurant created a Matt Schaub “Pick 6 burger” and some crays burned his jersey. Matt Schaub responded to those people in an interview before Sunday Night Football on NBC.

CBS Houston reports the fans left on their accord before police arrived. Neither Matt Schaub nor his family were hurt. Schaub has been extremely bad at football this season as the Texans are 2-3. He has thrown an interception returned for a touchdown in an NFL-record four straight games.

It’s time like this that I have to ask again, the question posed by Bill Maher on “Real Time” a couple weeks ago. “Why is hate now the national pasttime?”

Watch below. Food for thought. Or thought for food.

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  1. Well, a couple of thoughts. Is football going the way of soccer such that we’ll have a repeat of the murder of the Colombian soccer player who scored an own goal that cost his team in the World Cup? Second, although I don’t disagree with the premise, that Bill Maher is the one voicing it is just slightly ironic. This is the man who vilifies anyone who’s not a liberal and suggests that veterans might be the greatest generation but not the sharpest has no business criticizing anyone. This is just another example of the mantra Do as we say, not as we do.

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