Phil Jackson on Twitter: off to a ROUGH start



I have to admit it I did not see this one coming. Phil Jackson joined Twitter yesterday and that in itself is a story. The first tweet from Phil Jackson is in fact a much better story. If you’re a hard-core techie and you hold that stereotype about senior citizens and computers…well you just got a lot more material from the 67-year-old Phil Jackson.

The legendary former Chicago Bulls and L.A. Lakers coach knows how to win NBA titles. However, he might not be the greatest with “the twitter” or “twittering.” Then again, Phil Jackson is the Zen Master, so maybe there’s a deep, carefully encrypted message in there or something.


Or the cat jumped on his keyboard, and he just hasn’t learned “delete” yet. Anyways, with tweets like these you can see why it got 17,000 re-tweets, 7,000 favorites and Phil Jackson accrued 97,000 followers in one day.

And don’t complain about the Phil Jackson shirt open picture leading the post. Women and gay men read this site too! By the way Phil Jackson recently liked Jeanie Buss enough to put a ring on it. 

But he didn’t like the Brooklyn Nets coaching gig

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