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As baseball heads into the postseason, the New York Mets are faced with an offseason of intense decision-making. During the break, there are plenty of problems that need to be addressed but fortunately, this time, there’s plenty of money available to transform the squad.

Plenty of positions need firming up: the outfield is lacking a real big hitter; General Manager Sandy Alderson needs to decide whether Ike Davis or Lucas Duda can hold down first base; the New York Mets are in the market for a new shortstop according to Alderson; and, despite Matt Harvey’s intense rehab, there’s no prognosis on when his shoulder injury will heal so a replacement veteran starting pitcher might be in the mix.

Those are the obvious holes that need plugging. Beyond that, the New York Mets need to look for players who might exploit the quirks of Citi Field. The stadium’s flaws, particularly its disadvantage to hitters, have been much publicized with Jeff Francoeur once describing it as a “damn joke”. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem with over $50 million coming off the books at the end of the season, while the top teams head into the play-offs (for great odds on the MLB postseason keep an eye on the live betting at Nordicbet).

This money will come from the expiring contracts for Jason Bay, Frank Francisco and Johan Santana. The New York Mets only have two long-term contracts, one of which belongs to David Wright who has commented on the boost in finances by saying: “It’s a big step forward anytime you have the financial flexibility I think we’re going to have coming into the offseason…My expectations are, whether it’s through trades or free-agent signings or a combination of both, that this team is significantly better next year than it was this year.”

The freedom of the New York Mets to enter the free-agent market with a lot of money to spend has also led Wright to believe that this offseason will see a lot of trades and free-agent moves go down. They will possibly be looking at the Reds outfielder Shin-Soo Choo and the Tigers’ Jhonny Peralta as a replacement for the increasingly out-of-favour shortstop Tejada.
There has also been talk of the club creating more financial leverage by absorbing large contracts from other teams during potential trades in the hope of bringing in more young talent. There isn’t enough money to go out and sign every free agent they desire, however, and some gaps will need to be plugged from within.

Despite the potential for splurging on new talent, there is a school of thought that the current team needs to be consolidated and Alderson needs to get to the bottom of why the New York Mets ’ home form has been so abysmal this season. Their record so far is 32-48 at home and 41-10 on the road. This trend again harks back to the issues with Citi Field.

It’s all about finding the players who can perform in a particularly exposed outfield and feel comfortable in the New York Mets setting. And fit into the team personality-wise. Here’s hoping Alderson and his team can do that.

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  1. SA has to ensure he does not trade away the entire farm system especially the up and coming young pitchers like Syndegaard, Montero and Darin Gorski who I believe is incredibly underrated. There are enough decent free agents available where the Mets don’t have to deal with giving up too much of their young pitchers in outrageous trades like for a Troy Tulowitzki who I think is a great SS but will cost NY just too much in talent. Sign Nelson Cruz for right field, and either sign David Murphy for left field or sign Grady Sizemore and let him and Eric Young, Jr. split left field. I think we need to keep Daniel Murphy at second and trade both Davis and Duda, and use Wilmer Flores at 1st with help from Satin and maybe Allan Dykstra if Flores struggles against right handers. Sign Jhonny Peralta for two years with an incentive laden contract. We will need one left handed starter and one right hander so I think Scott Kazmir, john Lannan or Chris Capuano might have an appeal to us for a reasonably priced southpaw. Ricky Nolasco might be a less harsh financial option than Bronson Arroyo but I would also think about trying to get Daisuke Matsuzaka back again too.

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