Wing Nut wants to shoot Hillary Clinton in the Vagina



Sometimes Chicago Cubs fan and sometimes New York Yankees fan Hillary Clinton should definitely keep her vagina protected. Keep her vagina on high alert, because a far right wing nut job is looking to attack it. The former Senator and current Secretary of State is under fire over Benghazi from the right wing media machine.

Faux Noise Channel has been wall to wall with Benghazi coverage for quite some time.  But one radio talk show host has gone more direct with his threats on Hillary Clinton, Park Ridge, Illinois’ most famous product.

From Cosmopolitan:

right wing radio host Pete Santilli says: “Hillary Clinton needs to be convicted. She needs to be tried, convicted and shot in the vagina. I want to pull the trigger.” He says it twice, in fact. In case we couldn’t hear it the first time. HuffPo has the clip and a transcript:

“I want to shoot her right in the vagina and I don’t want her to die right away; I want her to feel the pain and I want to look her in the eyes and I want to say, on behalf of all Americans that you’ve killed, on behalf of the Navy SEALS, the families of Navy SEAL Team Six who were involved in the fake hunt down of this Obama, Obama bin Laden thing, that whole fake scenario, because these Navy SEALS know the truth, they killed them all. On behalf of all of those people, I’m supporting our troops by saying we need to try, convict, and shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina.”

I’m sure Hillary Clinton has a tough skin. She’s endured so much in her political career. And one doesn’t even go into politics unless they’re prepared to be subjected down and dirty personal attacks; all the time. Still, I doubt Hillary Clinton ever thought her vagina would be fair game.

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