2018 NFL Mock Draft 3-21-18

Welcome to the 2018 NFL mock draft. Team needs were more taken into account for the 2018 NFL mock draft, as the NFL free agency market has seen a whole lot of major moves. Thus, this week’s update brought a lot of changes.

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With only 32 picks to go around, yes, there will be a guy or two that you feel very strongly should be a first rounder, but got left out.

Sorry, but it’s inevitable. Also, many of you will strongly disagree with the projections here, and with the write-ups, but try to be respectful about it in the comments section.

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Five LSU Tigers NFL Draft Prospects to watch in the Citrus Bowl

Consistently one of the top college football powerhouses in the country every year, the LSU Tigers send several talented athletes to the NFL each April. The 2018 draft (full mock available at this link) looks to be no different, as a number of Louisiana State prospects are projected to be taken by an NFL team in the first three rounds.

Here’s a quick look at your top five LSU Tigers projected to go pro this spring. Keep an eye on them in the Citrus Bowl today versus Notre Dame (full game preview available at this link).

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#14 Notre Dame Football: Citrus Bowl Preview vs #17 LSU Tigers

It’s rematch time in Orlando as this season’s Citrus Bowl brings back the same match-up of the 2014 Music City Bowl. Notre Dame football fans recall that clash in Nashville, when the unranked Fighting Irish came in at 7-5 and 7.5 point underdogs and upset the Tigers 31-28. 

It was the coming out party for quarterback Malik Zaire who won both the game and the press conference that day, providing an excellent repartee to a reporter who asked the cliche “Rudy” question. #GeauxIrish a take-off of LSU’s signature #GeauxTigers battle cry was a trending hash tag that day, but to be more authentic Notre Dame football fans should have converted their text from French to Gaelic.

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In Die Hard, What Christmas Eve Bowl Game has Notre Dame vs USC?

die hard christmas movie

This weekend begins the bowl season, and with it the crappy bowl games that very few of us care about. Saturday brings us a cadre of bowl games that are just as awful as whatever bowl game hosted Notre Dame and USC in the classic Christmas film “Die Hard.”

The total number of bowl games has multiplied at an absurd rate these past few decades, but one truth still remains- real bowl games don’t start until after Christmas, and for the most part well after Christmas. Genuinely desirable bowl games still adhere to tradition, and take place on New Year’s. (For a preview of #14 Notre Dame vs #17 LSU go to this link)

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What Four Legendary Old School Football Players Do These Days

archie griffin

By John O’Leary

When our favorite old-school football players left the field for the last time, some dropped out of the spotlight, choosing to lead quieter lives. Others do everything that they can to stay in front of the camera, seeking careers in entertainment, either acting or becoming a sports commentator. Still more get their moments in the spotlight in negative ways, such as felons on the evening news.

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to your favorite players after retirement, keep reading to learn about four famous former players and the lives that they lead now.

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ESPN Promotion of College Football Playoff Rankings is Very Obnoxious


There are three things to remember every single Tuesday night when ESPN releases the updated College Football Playoff Rankings.

First, this endeavor only merits a tweet and press release, not an entire television show. Maybe you could stretch this out into a two or three minute desk segment, but that’s really pushing it.

Secondly, all the controversies, real as well as the contrived debates created and then amplified by ESPN, will sort themselves out in the end. There’s no real reason to care all that strongly about the rankings until the last week of the season or conference championship weekend.

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#3 Notre Dame Football Game Preview vs #7 Miami Hurricanes

catholics vs convicts

Here we go- a college football playoff elimination game, between two traditional powerhouses, with a historically acrimonious relationship with each other. Now this is the level of Notre Dame football games that you remember if you’re old enough to recall the early ’90s and before. The #3 Fighting Irish head to whatever the name of the Dolphins stadium is this month to square off against the undefeated #7 Miami Hurricanes.

It’s a prime time nationally televised contest on ABC under the lights. ESPN Gameday will be in south beach to hype it during the day. The winner gets/stays in final four position in the playoff rankings. The loser will have to redefine season goals downward.

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How the #3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Turned Things Around So Quickly

notre dame football

From 4-8 and no bowl game to 8-1 and ranked #3 in the college football playoff rankings- that’s how far the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have come from last season to this one. For Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly, his seat was warming, and the pitchforks were out less than a year ago.

Now there’s plenty of people saying this is the best coaching job he’s ever done/the best Notre Dame Fighting Irish team he has ever had in his eight seasons on the job.

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Notre Dame Football: Best Rushing Team in the Country, Period

josh adams

When the first college football playoff rankings came out last Tuesday, we saw this Notre Dame football team ranked #3, and hypothetically matched-up with #2 Alabama in a rematch of the 2012 National Championship game. It naturally evoked memories of what Bama did to to the Fighting Irish that fateful night- really run roughshod right over ’em.

That’s also exactly what this current Notre Dame football team is doing to everybody; period.

The Fighting Irish will run at, through, over and around you. Trust try and stop them. Even if you somehow know what they’re doing, just try and stop it.

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Notre Dame Football: Five Things to Watch vs Wake Forest

brian kelly notre dame

Notre Dame football fans got a nice treat in their Halloween bag when the College Football Playoff committee ranked them #3 Tuesday night. That’s higher than the Fighting Irish currently reside in either poll. It’s also pretty remarkable when you consider what the preseason expectations were for this team, coming off a disastrous 4-8 mark in 2016.

However, you can’t take the foot off the gas now as ND welcomes a very solid Wake Forest team to South Bend.

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Josh Adams Deserves the Heisman Hype that Saquon Barkley Receives

josh adams

The Josh Adams versus Saquon Barkley Heisman Trophy debate reminds me of this prose from the Detroit poet Marshall Mathers:

Biggie and Pac just missed all this
Watchin’ all these cheap imitations get rich off ’em
And get dollars that shoulda been theirs like they switched wallets

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Notre Dame Football, Chase Claypool Get National Pub from Adnan Virk

notre dame football

This past weekend, Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly said that his junior tailback Josh Adams just isn’t really getting a lot of national media love right now. Adams leads the Fighting Irish, who rank sixth nationally as a team in yards rushing per game, with 658 yards (131.6 per contest) on the ground this season.

He’s averaging 9.01 yards per carry, and ranks fourth nationally in total rushing yards.

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