Notre Dame football hosts Michigan: brutally honest preview


It’s the final time that we have a Michigan versus Notre Dame football game on the schedule. All the “chickening out” stories have been written. That narrative has been played out. Today at the press conference Brian Kelly simply said that having Michigan off the schedule now opens itself up to new opportunities, the chances to play Texas and Georgia.

So we’ll leave it at that. And did you see HIS SUIT??!!!!! It resembles the evening wear of Al Czervik, the HILARIOUSLY obnoxious nouveau riche character played by Rodney Dangerfield in “Caddyshack.”

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PHOTO: Brian Kelly rocks hilariously loud suit at Notre Dame presser


Brian Kelly is a great salesman and a great face for the Notre Dame football program. That’s part of the reason he’s such a great recruiter. Unfortunately, the top athletes are usually not the top character guys. They got by without the five suspended players in the opener, but the Irish will need them as the season progresses. Week one went well, as ND crushed a very weak Rice team into many little pieces, but the schedule gets much tougher, starting this week with the Michigan Wolverines. (game preview, prediction here)

Luckily, Kelly has raised the game of his wardrobe in order to match the challenges in front of him:

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Notre Dame football keeps winning despite scandals


Notre Dame football keeps losing PR battles off the field under Brian Kelly. There have been numerous black eyes since the Kelly regime began. However, he keeps winning in spite of these scandals. It appears we’re nearing closure on the academic investigation involving five Notre Dame football players. The process has been completed and we may get an answer, possibly this week, on the fate of the suspended.

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Cris Collinsworth talks about son becoming Notre Dame Football Capt.


NBC Sunday Night Football Analyst Cris Collinsworth was on media conference call yesterday to preview the upcoming NFL season. An off topic of discussion was his son Austin Collinsworth who was named a captain of the Notre Dame football team for the 2014 season.
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Everett Golson admits humiliation from his suspension


Notre Dame starting quarterback Everett Golson is another example of the curse of the #5 jersey. See: Paul Hornung, Manti Te’o, Chris Kluwe, Venric Mark, Braxton Miller, Josh Freeman etc. etc. etc. As ND is now embroiled in the middle of another academic scandal involving key players crucial to the team success, Everett Golson reflects on his situation.

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ESPN pundits on Notre Dame Football life under investigation


We don’t have any more updates about the scandal unfolding within Notre Dame football, but hey, we do have new uniforms! Look- shiny things!!!

Brian Kelly didn’t have anything to say Media Day regarding the investigation into academic cheating today, as it appears there really haven’t been any significant developments since Friday. We’ll keep you posted, in the meantime here’s ESPN’s Jesse Palmer and David Pollack discussing how ND football moves on from this latest saga.
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SCANDAL: Notre Dame football could see 2012 season vacated


Amory Blaine, the main character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic  bildungsroman “This Side of Paradise,” once lamented that no one cares to read about business unless it’s crooked business. Likewise with Notre Dame football. Unless it’s big time breaking news, no one wants to read about Notre Dame football unless it’s the dome being tarnished.

Well, today is a day for college football news consumers. Yet another scandal under the Brian Kelly regime, (really, at this point, there’s been so many that I’ve totally lost count) rocked South Bend as the Fighting Irish could be without 3 of their best players this season, and they might see their “magical” 2012 season vacated by the NCAA.

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Notre Dame football has three key players under investigation


Now we finally have some college football news to discuss this 2014 preseason. The Notre Dame football team could dismiss four of their most important players, WR DaVaris Daniels, DB KeiVarae Russell, DL Ishaq Williams and LB Kendall Moore due to academic fraud.

Per a report from Fox Sports:

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Notre Dame football could have some issues on offense


(BREAKING: Notre Dame football kicks three of their best, most important players out of school! Details)

I don’t know why Notre Dame football reporters, pundits, bloggers and enthusiasts treated Brian Kelly naming Everett Golson the starting QB as actual breaking news. I mean, c’mon that was obvious. ND wouldn’t have let him back in school, nor would he have come back to school if that wasn’t going to be the case. But hey, it’s August, and practice is a very boring topic to discuss, so I get it.

You needed to fill your Notre Dame football news quota with something. But let’s look ahead. What if Golson struggles? Remember that 2012 went to the national title game with him; but not because of him. There’s a bit of a Jim McMahon/’85 Bears, just good enough to win when you have a defense like that kind of vibe with Golson.

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Former Notre Dame star Brady Quinn begins next career as a broadcaster


The NFL career of Brady Quinn is no more. Although he never made an official retirement statement. The prepared statements released by his people on behalf of him today indicate that this decision to join Fox Sports means that he has hung up his cleats and now picked up a microphone.

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PHOTO: Notre Dame Stadium has artificial turf installed


Note: this Notre Dame Stadium piece originally ran on December 19th, 2013, AHEAD of the outlets claiming they had it first on January 29th. We built all of them by a month. As the new turf is being installed today, we now bring it back to the forefront.

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WR prospects picks Illini football over ND, OSU, UM, NU, OU

illinois football helmet illini

Illini football coach Tim Beckman has not accomplished much in Champaign. That is not news. His 45-17 drubbing of Cincinnati was nice though, as the Bearcats were a really good team that went on to play in their conference championship. That game was Becks’ lone signature win in two years. Landing A.D. Miller would be his recruiting equivalent of that.

The 6’4″ wide receiver is the eleventh commit in the 2015 class, and he choose the Illini football program over Arizona State, Miami, Michigan, Oregon, Brigham Young, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and a bunch more.

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