Notre Dame Football: What’s the Way Forward Now?

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There will have to be some changes within the Notre Dame football team this week. There will likely be bigger changes ahead for the Notre Dame football program down in the not too distant future. The Duke Blue Devils came in to South Bend as 22 point underdogs yesterday. They left victorious; meaning it was the biggest upset, using just point spreads as your criteria, in 20 years for the the Fighting Irish.

You have to immediately wonder how much longer Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator Brian VanGorder will remain employed.

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Notre Dame Football Game Preview vs Duke Blue Devils


In 2016, it’s College Football Playoff or bust, every season, for the sport’s blue bloods. So now that this Notre Dame football team has two losses already, what are they playing for this season? Is there still hope for a New Year’s Six Bowl? Possibly, but they’d have to go 9-0 down the stretch and hope some things fall their way in order to be in that conversation. In other words, not bloody likely.

Being an independent, Saturday’s tussle with Duke is not an ACC conference game, and therefore does not have any meaning towards determining a conference championship.

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2017 NFL mock draft 9-22-16

Chicago Bears nfl mock draft

The night time is the right time for a 2017 NFL mock draft. If you’re reading this during daylight, we’re cool with that as well. The 2017 NFL mock draft order was based on the latest Chicago Tribune NFL power rankings. Team needs were sometimes but not always taken into account.

The Sports Bank is the only independently owned, mom and pop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2017 NFL mock draft, 2016 NBA mock draft, 2016 MLB mock draft and 2016 NHL mock draft.

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Revising Notre Dame Football Season and Bowl Expectations


In the Notre Dame football program, success is measured by national relevance, not local. In 2016, it’s college football playoff or bust. This is true not only because ND is independent, and thus has no conference championship to play for, but also a consequence of the very high bar set by the program’s unparalleled history of success.

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#18 Notre Dame Football Beat By #12 Michigan State: What We Learned


Notre Dame football Coach Brian Kelly took ownership of all that went wrong on defense for his team tonight.

“Those are the guys we have. We can’t trade em, they’re not getting cut. We recruited them, so I don’t want to hear anybody– I told our staff: Those are our guys, so we’ve gotta get ’em better,” Kelly said.

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#12 Michigan State Football Defeats #18 Notre Dame: What We Learned


Before tonight’s contest kicked off, we had the chance to say to this Michigan State football team: “Congratulations on completing your preseason. Welcome to the regular season now Michigan State!” It’s extremely rare for a team to get a bye in week two, especially when that off week comes after facing a lowly FCS foe.

Thus it’s not until week three that Michigan State football played a real team in a real game. What an oddity.

However, what a performance it truly was.

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#12 Michigan State Football vs #18 Notre Dame: Game Preview, Prediction


It’s the golden anniversary of the game of the century; and also a former Cincinnati Bearcats Head Coaches Bowl. Notre Dame football renews their rivalry with Michigan State football on Saturday night and it’s a series (lately at least) that has been as exciting and as interesting as college football can be.

If the game plays out the way it looks on paper, it’ll be another tight one. To quote Spandau Ballet, “I know this. Much is. True;” as the last ten MSU-ND match-ups have been decided by an average of 1.3 ppg.

The Irish are ranked #18, while Michigan State is #12 in the latest AP poll, yet it’s the Spartans who are the underdogs, with most spreads around 7.5 points.


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Notre Dame Football News and Notes: Pre-Michigan State Edition

deshone kizer

As we head into a pretty huge game for Notre Dame football under the lights on Saturday night, here are some ND news, notes, nuggets and tidbits. The Irish are ranked #18, while Michigan State is #12 in the latest AP poll, yet it’s the Spartans who are the underdogs, with most spreads around 7.5 points.

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Game Preview: #9 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Texas Longhorns


#9 Notre Dame opens the 2016 season in Texas; where the dramatic television series Friday Night Lights (2006-2011) was set. Thus “clear eyes, full hearts” for season opening week game preview. I know we’re all sick of talking season at this point, so let’s get to the real actual season now.

Also, be sure to read the Notre Dame season preview over at this link.

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2016 Notre Dame Football Season Preview, Predictions


For most of this century, Notre Dame football has had many competitive advantages over the rest of the college football landscape. Modern times, however, have seen other programs, and conferences, catch up to the Fighting Irish in regards to national media exposure and on-field success.

As we enter the midst of opening kickoff weekend 2016, it’s really a handful of teams from the SEC and ACC that are being talked about as possible national title front-runners. On the other hand, credit the Fighting Irish football leadership for putting the infrastructure in place to regain those advantages. Notre Dame football knows what needs to be done in 2016 to be top dog again and they are doing it.

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Nyles Morgan: Extremely Key for Notre Dame Football this Season


Cornerback KeiVarae Russell has graduated, and moved on to the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL, but linebacker Nyles Morgan has stepped right in to fill the “best sound bite of any Notre Dame football player” void. Morgan is a joy to talk to, as he has something interesting to say on a multitude of topics.

For instance, on the disparity between his number of freshman year and sophomore year snaps:

“It’s kind of like you feed a pitbull steak one day, and the next day he’s expecting the same, but you come back with ham. He’s hungry. So being hungry is what’s going to help me push the team this year.”

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Two Notre Dame Football Players who could be First Round Picks


Obviously, the six Notre Dame football players arrested in two separate incidents last weekend, and the subsequent fallout, is “the lead” right now. Here’s a link to the latest on Devin Butler, and also on the five other players. After that, it’s all about the quarterback controversy in the Fighting Irish football news universe.

Time to talk about something else for a change.

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