Everett Golson: great QB, but not Heisman material


Everett Golson had the most bipolar, split-personality game on Saturday night versus Syracuse. For #5, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times; all at the same time in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. Notre Dame beat Syracuse very convincingly as Golson tied a NCAA record with 25 straight completions. The mark set a school record for that category. Everett Golson also had four passing touchdowns.

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Will Notre Dame EVER give us a suspended 5 players update?


Congratulations goes out to the University of Notre Dame for finally giving us an update on Tuesday about the five suspended players.

Head football coach Brian Kelly said he was told, if all goes according to plan, that the honesty committee hearings for KeiVarae Russell, DaVaris Daniels, Ishaq Williams, Kendall Moore and Eilar Hardy will wrap up next week.

The way this time line is moving, it appears that a decision will be made the week before the big game against Stanford. Coincidence or not, it does make you have to wonder why a decision is finally coming down the very same week that a very good Cardinal team comes into South Bend.

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New Irish QB Coach key to Everrett Golson’s improvement


Yes, I know it’s only been three games against average to below average competition, but Irish quarterback Everett Golson looks like the best signal caller in the nation so far during the 2014 season. For a guy who sat out all of 2013, Golson has been unbelievably sharp in games against the overmatched Owls of Rice, the always underachieving team from up north and the god awful Boilermakers of Purdue.

While every so called expert says the difference in this year’s Golson from the one that we last saw taking a beating in the national championship game two years ago is QB guru George Whitfield. Now that might have some slight justification to it because Whitfield seems to be some sort of quarterback whisperer to the point where if he touches young quarterbacks, they instantly become better.

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Notre Dame 30, Purdue 14: the Shamrock Series in Tweets


Purdue didn’t defeat Notre Dame, but at least they covered the spread. (Hence the Bart Simpson GIF above) The Boilermakers gave a noble effort in a match-up in which most observers felt they had zero chance. The Fighting Irish won by 16 in a game that was pretty close for three quarters and change. We learned a lot:

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Notre Dame football sets new game livestream record


The final Michigan vs Notre Dame football game was an ugly one. It was very lopsided and quite boring. However, it was still the most-streamed Notre Dame Football game of all time.

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Game preview: Notre Dame football vs Purdue football? I guess?


As this game has a 28.5 point spread, I’ll keep the brutally honest Notre Dame football game preview this week shorter than usual. I have no idea what it actually is they are doing in West Lafayette right now.

It’s not college football. It’s….whatever it is it’s frighteningly bad. Purdue is such a broken program right now, I’m hesitant to even call it college football.

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Best tweets hilariously slamming Big ten football last night


Was it the worst day in Big 10 football history yesterday? Perhaps.

Was it the worst day in the history of Big Ten football from a national perception/brand damage stand point? Absolutely. No doubt it was nothing short of catastrophic. I did a cover story for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition previewing and predicting this season in August. (link here) I also listed the biggest story-lines. I did not have “Big Ten football will resemble a bunch of mediocre mid-majors by week two” as one one of them.

If you don’t turn on the Big Ten Network again until basketball season, no one would blame you. Well, it’s worth it to see Teddy Greenstein do his work (Dave Revsine and Gerry Di Nardo are very talented too), but non Tedward reasons to watch BTN are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that this league’s broadcast arm of its Sports Information Department exists. Because now you can see games that would otherwise never be televised.

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Will Brian Kelly guide Notre Dame through another minefield?


Since Brian Kelly took over the Notre Dame football program in 2010, there’s been a whole host of off-the-field issues that have tarnished the Golden Dome. No need to go into detail on all of the PR black eyes here, simply stating the individual names will suffice: Everett Golson, Manti Te’o, Tommy Rees, Michael Floyd, Carlo Calabrese, Declan Sullivan, Lizzy Seeberg/Prince Shembo.

Currently, the names at the center of controversy are: KeiVarae Russell, DaVaris Daniels, Ishaq Williams, Kendall Moore and Eilar Hardy. Yes, “stuff happens” as Donald Rumsfeld used to say, and “stuff” happens at every college program in the nation, not just in South Bend. Yes,”stuff happened” under Charlie Weiss, Bob Davie, Ty Willingham, Lou Holtz etc. as well.

However under the Brian Kelly regime, it “happens” a lot. Yet he always gets past it, and always gets through it. So there’s no reason to believe he won’t also navigate his way through the current minefield too.

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Alex Flanagan: why was she removed from Notre Dame on NBC?


As you noticed in the week one blowout of Rice, Alex Flanagan is no longer the sideline reporter for Notre Dame home football broadcasts on NBC. She was replaced by Kathryn Tappen. Flanagan did not leave NBC by choice, as she pointed out in a very revealing, detailed blog on her personal website.

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Notre Dame football hosts Michigan: brutally honest preview


It’s the final time that we have a Michigan versus Notre Dame football game on the schedule. All the “chickening out” stories have been written. That narrative has been played out. Today at the press conference Brian Kelly simply said that having Michigan off the schedule now opens itself up to new opportunities, the chances to play Texas and Georgia.

So we’ll leave it at that. And did you see HIS SUIT??!!!!! It resembles the evening wear of Al Czervik, the HILARIOUSLY obnoxious nouveau riche character played by Rodney Dangerfield in “Caddyshack.”

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PHOTO: Brian Kelly rocks hilariously loud suit at Notre Dame presser


Brian Kelly is a great salesman and a great face for the Notre Dame football program. That’s part of the reason he’s such a great recruiter. Unfortunately, the top athletes are usually not the top character guys. They got by without the five suspended players in the opener, but the Irish will need them as the season progresses. Week one went well, as ND crushed a very weak Rice team into many little pieces, but the schedule gets much tougher, starting this week with the Michigan Wolverines. (game preview, prediction here)

Luckily, Kelly has raised the game of his wardrobe in order to match the challenges in front of him:

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Notre Dame football keeps winning despite scandals


Notre Dame football keeps losing PR battles off the field under Brian Kelly. There have been numerous black eyes since the Kelly regime began. However, he keeps winning in spite of these scandals. It appears we’re nearing closure on the academic investigation involving five Notre Dame football players. The process has been completed and we may get an answer, possibly this week, on the fate of the suspended.

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