2015 NBA Mock Draft-First Round (10/30/14)

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Here is The Sports Bank’s 2015 NBA Mock Draft where team needs have NOT been taken into account.  By the way, The Sports Bank had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft in both 2011 and 2012 along with the second most accurate mock in 2013. [Read more...]

2015 NBA Mock Draft-Second Round (10/30/14)

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Here is The Sports Bank’s 2015 NBA Mock Draft where team needs have NOT been taken into account.  By the way, The Sports Bank had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft in both 2011 and 2012 along with the second most accurate mock in 2013. [Read more...]

Jalen Rose picks the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Finals


NBA on ESPN/ABC Analyst Jalen Rose is very high on the Chicago Bulls this year. You’ll recall his playing days in Chicago (2001-03, then a brief return in 04). If Rose is right, then I’m sure The Sports Bank’s base (have to “appeal to the base,” using a political phrase as Election Day nears) will be very happy.

Jalen was on conference call with Doug Collins (yes, more past Chicago Bulls, you can hear that podcast here) as ESPN’s NBA Analysts took questions from the national media to preview the season.

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Doug Collins would start Doug McDermott over Mike Dunleavy


It’s the only one of the Chicago Bulls starting five positions that’s up for grabs. Who do you put at the three: Doug McDermott or Mike Dunleavy? Current ESPN/ABC Analyst Doug Collins was the Bulls Head Coach from 1986-1989 and led the team to the Eastern Conference Finals. As ESPN’s NBA Analysts took questions from the national media to preview the season, Collins talked about what he thinks Tom Thibodeau will do at the small forward position and why.

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Phil Simms: 4 commentators who are much worse


Every Thursday night and Sunday afternoon Twitter lights up with NFL fans ripping Phil Simms. I actually find Simms to be quite entertaining and articulate. I do enjoy his work. I do understand the Phil Simms backlash though. He is part of CBS’ A-team of announcers. And he’s got an acerbic personality. However, there are plenty of announcers who are much worse than Phil Simms.

Chris Berman, Dick Vitale, Hawk Harrelson..we know those guys are terrible and they make any broadcast that they’re a part of unwatchable. They’re so bad that criticizing them has become old. So we disqualified them from this list.

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Brooklyn Nets: 99 problems and…….

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If you’re a Brooklyn Nets fans I feel bad for ya son, cuz the Brooklyn Nets can 99 problems and the ownership is one. Not that there’s anything specifically wrong with Jay-Z’s leadership role in the franchise, it’s just that the team is already being blown apart. The people at the top might be giving up, and all that exorbitant amount of money that was spent went for nothing.

Brooklyn set the payroll record last year and “achieved” a lop-sided loss to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference semi-finals as their return on investment. With Paul Pierce gone, the team takes a step back in 2014-15.

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Chicago Bulls sign E’Twaun Moore; local product, childhood fan

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E’Twaun Moore grew up a Chicago Bulls fan.

Today he joined the team.

The 6-4, 191 pound guard hails from East Chicago, Indiana, so this is literally “living the dream.” Moore worked out at the Berto Center (the Bulls’ practice facility in Deerfield, IL) right before the NBA Draft, and The Sports Bank asked him then what kind of feedback the Bulls gave him.

“Told me to be myself and try to get as strong as I can,” Moore said.

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Why Clippers sale was legal, even without Donald Sterling consent

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Through the tumultuous legal battle that occurred between the NBA and Donald Sterling, a rarely enacted probate provision soon took the foreground for an important legal move. After Sterling’s racial comments and the media attention that it attracted, the NBA immediately began to move towards the sale of the LA Clippers.

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VIDEO: Nets Deron Williams gives us something NICE to discuss

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Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams made headlines this week for the right reasons. A wealthy star athlete doing good works? Imagine that. Usually I don’t report on philanthropy and community service, simply because nobody reads them. Seriously, those stories are never consumed at all. But this week is different. We need this story from Deron Williams.

Especially after Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Roger Goodell etc.

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Kevin Durant Weighs Future With OKC

Kevin Durant With GF

There’s another decision looming at the end of the 2016 season which could change the landscape of the NBA even more than when LeBron took his talents to South Beach or when Darrell Arthur exercised his player option with Denver in 2012. By the time Kevin Durant hits free agency, it’s possible he’ll be a 3-time MVP and maybe a 6 time scoring champ. Those trophies are a nice way to fill the mantle but the one piece of bling that could decide his future is a ring. [Read more...]

Anthony Davis says the Pelicans are going to the playoffs


At a public appearance in his hometown of Chicago, NBA superstar Anthony Davis said his New Orleans Pelicans are going to the playoffs this season. He proclaimed it, and making a statement that displays confidence and leadership. Davis also took ownership, adding that is was “on us” (meaning the Pelicans obviously) to get it done.

He’s in town with Team USA basketball, and the World Basketball Festival.

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Bill Simmons, Elvis Presley of Sportswriters, finally gets his own show


Maybe you’ve seen this Sirius XM radio advertisement.

The spot highlights the men who changed music (Elvis Presley), comedy (Richard Pryor), sports (Michael Jordan) and radio (Howard Stern).

If and when the title is bestowed upon a sportswriter, it will no doubt be ESPN.com’s “Sports Guy” Bill Simmons. As the daily newspaper sports section diminishes; finding a new home on the world wide web, perhaps no one personifies this revolution better than Simmons.


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