Kevin Durant Weighs Future With OKC

Kevin Durant With GF

There’s another decision looming at the end of the 2016 season which could change the landscape of the NBA even more than when LeBron took his talents to South Beach or when Darrell Arthur exercised his player option with Denver in 2012. By the time Kevin Durant hits free agency, it’s possible he’ll be a 3-time MVP and maybe a 6 time scoring champ. Those trophies are a nice way to fill the mantle but the one piece of bling that could decide his future is a ring. [Read more...]

Anthony Davis says the Pelicans are going to the playoffs


At a public appearance in his hometown of Chicago, NBA superstar Anthony Davis said his New Orleans Pelicans are going to the playoffs this season. He proclaimed it, and making a statement that displays confidence and leadership. Davis also took ownership, adding that is was “on us” (meaning the Pelicans obviously) to get it done.

He’s in town with Team USA basketball, and the World Basketball Festival.

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Bill Simmons, Elvis Presley of Sportswriters, finally gets his own show


Maybe you’ve seen this Sirius XM radio advertisement.

The spot highlights the men who changed music (Elvis Presley), comedy (Richard Pryor), sports (Michael Jordan) and radio (Howard Stern).

If and when the title is bestowed upon a sportswriter, it will no doubt be’s “Sports Guy” Bill Simmons. As the daily newspaper sports section diminishes; finding a new home on the world wide web, perhaps no one personifies this revolution better than Simmons.


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Paul Pierce helps youthful Wizards compete in wide open East

Pierce Wizards

The Washington Wizards have one of the youngest cores in the league. Their starting backcourt consists of a 23-year-old point guard drafted first overall and a 21-year-old shooting guard drafted third overall.

John Wall and Bradley Beal are the future in Washington. They are also the present though. The Wizards entered the 2013-2014 NBA season on a five-year playoff drought. Their young backcourt grew up this past season and role players stepped up on the roster as the Wizards won 44 games and made the playoffs.

They even won their first round playoff series against the Chicago Bulls before losing to the top seed Indiana Pacers in six games in the semifinals. While Wall and Beal are the present and future of the team, they are very young. This past offseason, the Wizards signed veteran small forward Paul Pierce to provide some leadership and hopefully push the Wizards even further up in the now wide-open Eastern Conference. [Read more...]

Will the Houston Rockets be stronger next season?


The Houston Rockets tried hard to land Carmelo Anthony this summer. And when they failed to do so, they turned their interest towards Chris Bosh. They didn’t manage to land Miami’s superstar either and on top of that, they saw the Dallas Mavericks “stealing” Chandler Parsons from them. Houston acted quickly and brought in Trevor Ariza to replace Parsons and now, the Rockets are looking to re-enter a championship contending course. But will Houston be stronger or weaker in comparison to the 2013 – 2014 season? [Read more...]

Thankfully Football Saves Us From Football

Stephen A.Smith

Everything gets pushed aside for the start of NFL training camps.

Is Kevin Love getting traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Not nearly as important as a cocky, highly questionable rookie quarterback for the lowly Cleveland Browns. The size of the most recent Jose Abreu home run? Psshh.

Was it bigger than Jay Cutler’s new shaggin’ wagon?

Much like the way the commencement of baseball Spring Training fills us with a sort of revitalizing vigor every year, this version of the start of the NFL season (not to be confused with the draft or minicamp or the Hall of Fame Game or your team’s first preseason game or the third preseason game that’s like almost real football or the Thursday game of Week 1 or Sunday of Week 1 the next week) stirs up those savage desires to watch controlled violence.

Football makes everything better.

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VIDEO: Blazers Damian Lillard puts Twitter antagonist in place


Portland Trail Blazers Point Guard Damian Liliard has, as we all do, his share of Twitter antagonists. Or as I call them “keyboard tough guys.” It’s easy for a lot of people to shoot their mouths off when they’re ensconced safely behind a computer; miles away from the person their antagonizing.

It’s comes with the territory in the social media age. Especially so if you’re a high profile person.

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Former Knicks star Tracy McGrady retires from pro baseball


Former NBA star Tracy McGrady took the mound. He struck out his first batter. In a minor league All-Star game. And then retired from professional baseball. That’s right, in case you missed it, the former Houston Rockets and New York Knicks All-Star has caught on with an independent league professional baseball team in Texas.

McGrady had a 6.75 ERA in 6.2 innings for the Sugar Land Skeeters, so his brief attempt at baseball was less than stellar, to say the least.

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NBA playoffs expansion: let in all 30 teams

Adam Silver

NBA commissioner Adam Silver held a press conference at the league’s Vegas Summer League, and one of his topics was how to create more revenue. He spoke of an in-season tournament like many of the European leagues have. He also spoke about how much all of the league’s executives love coming to Vegas.

If he wants to add revenue by adding a few more games in a tournament format, while allowing the league’s higher-ups to have another entertaining trip to Vegas, the solution is fairly simple.

Let all 30 teams participate in the NBA playoffs.

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L.A. Lakers legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar slams Lebron James

kareem abdul jabbar

Here’s some Laker news that doesn’t involve free agency or trades. It’s not future Laker news, but news surrounding Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Apparently, he’s rather skeptical about Lebron James and the way he returned home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, after leaving the Miami Heat.

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Rick Telander Tied Chicago Violence To NBA Free Agency For Some Reason


He did it.

It wasn’t easy.

It took a lot of pandering, false parallels, unfair doling out of responsibilities, and a pinch of dog whistle, but Rick Telander managed to connect this city’s position in NBA free agency to the plague of gun violence here. It’s brilliant in its absurdity, magnificent in how dually counterproductive it is to both the topic of sports contracts and to people being murdered en masse.

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Raptors re-signing Kyle Lowry headlines day two of NBA free agency

kyle lowry raptors

Day two of the free agency saw Carmelo Anthony visiting both the Rockets and Mavericks, Pau Gasol getting serious interest from the Thunder, and the Cavs reportedly weighing a max offer to Jazz restricted free agent Gordon Hayward.  The biggest actual contract agreement came when Kyle Lowry decided to stay with the Toronto Raptors rather than sign elsewhere.  Here’s a recap of Wednesday’s signings. [Read more...]