MSU alum, Golden State star Draymond Green continues rapid rise

draymond green

When Draymond Green received the most first place votes for NBA Defensive Player of the Year in May, he still did not claim the award. His immediate response? Comparing himself to Al Gore, who won the 2000 Presidential Election popular vote, but wasn’t granted the presidency.

In both cases, malfeasant “voter fraud” of sorts ran rampant. When the Dancing Bear analogized himself with the man trying to save the polar bear, it was yet another example of what makes Green such a great individual– on and off the court.

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Zach Randolph tops 10 best interviews of 2015

zach randolph

As we continue our 2015 “best of” series, The Sports Bank counts down the ten best interviews we did this past year. As I’ve said repeatedly, 99% of media interviews and press conferences are utterly worthless and completely pointless.

However, I probably did well over a thousand or two thousand media opps this past year because everything that follows is pure gold.

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NBA Christmas uniforms more traditional this year (photos)


In past years, the NBA on Christmas Day uniforms were very avant-garde and experimental. However, the 2015 edition  is more traditional and conservative.

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Grizzlies Zach Randolph still “Going Green” for #1 MSU

Zach Randolph Grizzlies

It’s been 15 seasons since Zach Randolph did his one-and-done year at Michigan State University, but he still bleeds green and white. Randolph has enjoyed a storied NBA career since he entered the league in the 2001 NBA Draft via the Portland Trail Blazers (19th overall). Jason Richardson, who was two-and-done in East Lansing, came out the same exact year.

Of all the Spartans to enter the NBA this millennium, Zach Randolph has definitely had the most stellar and productive pro career.

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Amy Schumer has a GRAPHIC Tom Brady fantasy


As overrated and over-publicized as Amy Schumer is these days, she still can be extremely funny, at times. It’s not her fault that the media and the general population has gotten carried away with defining and redefining her. Is Amy Schumer a great comedian? Absolutely. Is she a social trail blazer and transcendent pioneer?

Absolutely not. Not even close. She does tell a great sex joke here and there though.

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Be a part of the next Stephen Curry tunnel shot (video)

Stephen Curry Girls

NBA superstar Stephen Curry wants you to get the assist on the next 40-footer he sinks. Join the Golden State Warriors sharpshooter at Oracle Arena and feed him the rock for his trademark pre-game tunnel shot. Then you’ll get the chance to sit VIP for the game, all in the cause of supporting (RED).

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Four Reasons the Houston Rockets may no longer be Contenders

Houston Rockets Star Players

It only took 11 games for the Houston Rockets to go from championship contenders to Western Conference also-rans. After a 4-7 start, head coach Kevin McHale was fired. Never mind the four-year contract extension he received last season, or the fact that he had the highest winning percentage in franchise history. The Houston Rockets lost their first three games by an average of 20 points.

The day before McHale was sent packing, the team held a players-only meeting.

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Brad Stevens is building long term with Boston Celtics

brad stevens butler

Brad Stevens is doing a lot with the Boston Celtics right now. One thing he’s not doing, is waiting out a vacancy at the Indiana Hoosiers head coaching position. It seems like it’s a story we have to write every year, if not here in the preseason, then later when Tom Crean fails to live up to expectations and/or off-the-court issues ensue among his players.

Whether you love Crean or hate him, you’re aware that there is always a large, influential contingent of the IU community that wants him gone- especially so if Brad Stevens is waiting in the wings.

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Sixers Jahlil Okafor NBA ROY favorite according to NBA GMs

jahlil-okafor-philadelphia-76ers-logo-nerlens-noel’s survey of NBA rookies has overwhelmingly deemed Philadelphia 76ers center Jahlil Okafor (with 41.9% of the vote) the favorite to win the NBA Rookie of the Year award this season. The No. 3 overall pick in the draft, a one-and-done our of Duke was followed by Stanley Johnson of the Detroit Pistons (19.4%) and No. 1 draft pick Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves (12.9%) as the top vote getters in the category.

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Sacramento Kings stadium swindle, Seattle drama featured in new 30 for 30


The Sacramento Kings new arena will cost $477 million, with $255 million of that being funded by the City of Sacramento. The rest of the arena ($222 million) would be funded by the Sacramento Kings.

Before getting that new arena, the Kings threatened to move to Seattle. Their new half a billion dollar arena broke ground about a year ago and it’s expected to open about a year from now.

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Charlotte Hornets season preview with NASCAR driver Ty Dillon (exclusive podcast)


NASCAR Driver Ty Dillon loves watching and following other sports in his spare time. Ty is a big fan of the Carolina Panthers, and we previewed the Panthers season in a podcast here at this link. Ty Dillon also talked some Charlotte Hornets basketball with us. He’s a huge fan, and his wife, Haley Carey, now Haley Dillon, is a Hornets Honey Bee (member of the dance team).

Dillon is well known and quite accomplished in the NASCAR truck series and Xfinity series. He’s currently in the top three in the points standings and just came off another top five finish in Iowa this past weekend.

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Deron Williams fills Mavericks need; sets Brooklyn further adrift


With Deron Williams leaving the Brooklyn Nets for the Dallas Mavericks, prepare to be inundated with a tidal wave of predictable “homecoming” themed stories. This shopworn narrative will never die, and like the tattoos on D. Will’s arms read “Texas made DMW.”

In the grand scheme of things though, this transaction actually leaves both clubs stuck in NBA purgatory. Mark Cuban doesn’t really have a contender out West. In the NBA’s A-Team conference he just doesn’t have enough to compete. Put the Mavericks in the East though, and you could see them challenging Lebron James for NBA B-Team conference supremacy.

However, this Deron Williams is not your older brother’s Deron Williams.

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