Mark Emmert FINALLY says the right thing on an important issue


NCAA President Mark Emmert is notorious for looking terribly tone deaf in interviews. More often than not, Emmert says things that make him and the NCAA look terribly out of touch, and in the court of public opinion, Emmert gets destroyed over and over again whenever he speaks in public.

Not this time though!

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UCLA Bruins tourney berth: NCAA shows SINISTER bias AGAIN


The only thing a garbage UCLA Bruins team adds to this NCAA tournament is the opportunity for cameramen to shoot gratuitous close-up shots of the dance team. The CBS/Turner cameras will do just that. Early and often; hence we joined in with the pictures in this post.

Seriously though, this UCLA at large selection is the worst at-large berth since Air Force in 2006. What’s even more offensive is that the NCAA didn’t even put them in the play-in game. The Bruins are safely into the actual first round, not the first-round-name-only.

Including the UCLA Bruins just confirms everything we know about the corrupt cartel that is the NCAA.

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Maryland’s Dez Wells playing himself onto NBA Draft bubble


When we first heard Maryland and Rutgers were coming to the Big Ten, many of us were like “meh, whatever.” Yes, Maryland basketball has a rich history, but they have been pretty down lately. Entering this season they had missed the past four NCAA Tournaments. A true ACC power in the late ’90s and early ’00s, the Terps had really fallen fast since the 2002 national title

Still, the program has always had players with really awesome names. The name tradition continues with Dez Wells (full name Dezmine Wells) and we can reignite the “Fear the Turtle” tradition, as Wells, freshman point guard Melo Trimble and junior forward Jake Layman are the three most fearsome of the Terps.

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Maryland Terrapins basketball: not that special after all

maryland terrapins cheerleaders

In their first season in the Big Ten, the Maryland Terrapins have turned out to be the real deal pretty good, I’ve always referred to the Maryland Terrapins as “ACC Illinois Fighting Illini,” in both sports. They even had relatively the same decline at the same time in hoops.

Both Maryland and Illinois had that one exceptional once in a life time season (2002 for the Terps, 2005 for the Illini)

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Jim Boeheim gets CRANKIER and CRANKIER every season

jim boeheim

Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim is a lot like myself- he looks for things to complain about. We find fault with life just for the sake of having something to complain about. In the run-up to last year’s draft, Boeheim made some remarks about his players’ NBA Draft stock that rubbed certain people the wrong way.

Jim Boeheim advocating that his own players (Tyler Ennis and Jerami Grant) stay in school instead of declaring for the draft looked like he was putting the Syracuse program’s interests above the interests of his individual players. However, his players were not offended by it, and that’s what counts.

They appreciated Boeheim’s brutal honesty.

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Bill Walton exposes College Football Playoff conspiracy, ogles UCLA Dance Team


 ESPN Game Analyst and UCLA alum Bill Walton reminded us just how stellar the UCLA dance team truly is last night while calling UCLA’s home 2OT win over Stanford. The appearance of the UCLA dance team prompted Walton to make a comment that was very….”Late night with Bill Walton” you might say.


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Kentucky vs. Louisville: rivalry t-shirt wars (photos)

Rick Pitino white suit

Don’t think Louisville vs. Kentucky is a hard-core rivalry? Check out the Final Four smack-talking t-shirts after the jump. This is NASTY. Brutal, like Duke vs. North Carolina.


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George W. Bush experiences UIC basketball in person


Former U.S. President George W. Bush got to watch UIC basketball in person during the same exact week that torture dominated the headlines. Specifically, the torture carried out during the Bush 43 administration. So I guess it’s fitting that Bush 43 got to witness UIC Flames basketball first hand. Watching them is an unpleasant experience.

W. was at sold out Moody Coliseum in Dallas as team that doesn’t get Ws very often got man-hanlded by the home side, SMU.

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Big Ten Basketball: 17 worst losses this Pre-Conference season


“Our effort was not up to standard tonight which i take very personally,” said Northwestern Coach Chris Collins after losing at home by 13 to a middle tier MAC team.

“I can’t explain it. If I had an answer for it I would tell you guys. We got out-everythinged,” he continued.

“We didn’t give them any resistance to start the game.”

Collins and the Wildcats getting dominated at home by Central Michigan is troubling, but it’s just one of many very bad losses that Big Ten basketball has suffered this non-conference season. Let’s break it down.

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B1G Basketball power rankings: the “we apologize” edition


There are certain B1G basketball teams that owe an apology right now. Sure, one team nationally ranked in the preseason losing to a low-major that you’ve never heard of is excusable although unexpected. Upsets happen. However, two preseason AP top 25 teams losing to low-majors on two separate occasions? That’s kind of embarrassing. Plus the B1G hasn’t had a whole lot of signature wins to really counter-act those ugly losses.

Hey, at least they won the challenge versus the ACC

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Let’s drop the “why don’t top Chicago players stay home to play college hoops?” narrative


The local media has really beat a dead horse with the “why don’t local players stay home” story line, and it’s time for us to move us past it. Re-hashing it gets us nowhere, and the only way it changes is if the Illini morph into a program on the level of Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, Michigan State, UCLA, North Carolina etc. The Illini are not a blue blood program, so for them to miss out on McDonald’s All-Americans is not something extraordinary. The blue bloods recruit nationally so they take the top 1% of talent from everyone’s base.

Just like Hollywood takes the top 1% most attractive women from everyone’s base to work in show business.

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Steve Lavin scores HUGE streak-breaking win at Syracuse

Steve Lavin St. John's

The Fighting Coach Lavs will be a factor in the Big East race this season. St. John’s look like they might finally be headed back to the NCAA Tournament as well come March. Sure, the Cuse are not the Cuse that we know, but tonight was still huge for Steve Lavin and the Johnnies.

69-57 victory over Syracuse on Saturday before 24,884 fans at the Carrier Dome, the largest crowd for a college basketball game this season. Phil Greene IV scored 11 straight points to power a 17-2 run over the final 4:06 sending St. John’s (6-1) to its first win at Syracuse in more than 15 years. The victory also snapped the Orange’s 55-game non-conference home win streak, which was the second-longest active streak in the nation.

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