John Calipari 30 for 30 “One and Not Done” is an American Dream Tale with a Twist

kentucky basketball

When the viewer reaches the most powerful and poignant sequence of the new John Calipari 30 for 30, it’s truly an “a-ha” moment. At this portion of the film, which comes about a half-hour in, you understand how this documentary works on numerous levels. You also realize how and why John Calipari is such a complicated human being.

The next installment in ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 series, “One and Not Done,”  will take an intimate look at Coach Cal. The film, directed by Jonathan Hock (“Of Miracles and Men,” “Survive and Advance,” “The Best That Never Was”) will premiere on Thursday, April 13, at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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Kevin Knox to Kentucky Seems Very Unlikely, Despite BBN Cookies Reward

kevin knox

It’s going to take a lot more than BBN (Big Blue Nation) cookies to land 5-star uncommitted prospect Kevin Knox. The blue chip small forward from Tampa has narrowed his choices down to three schools, and they’re the bluest of college basketball’s blue bloods.

According to 247Sports, Knox’s top three are Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina, with the Blue Devils an overwhelming favorite. The Crystal Ball Prediction matrix, read into this what you will, shows Duke at 84%, UK 11% and Carolina 5%.

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Illini Basketball Recruiting Gets Huge Boost By Adding John Calipari’s Right Hand Man


Wednesday was a massive news day for Illini basketball as it saw the program landing Orlando Antigua, John Caliparis former right hand man, as an assistant coach. It also saw the top rated recruit in their incoming freshman class, Jeremiah Tilmon, de-commit, just two days after he overtly posted a message of commitment to the program on social media.

Additionally, less than 24 hours before both of these events it was learned that former Illini coach John Groce had landed his next job, at Akron. While Tilmon may still end up at Illinois when all is said and done, it appears highly unlikely that will be the case.

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Kentucky Signee Quade Green Makes Interesting Comments About Coach Cal’s Reputation

quade green

Like the Wu Tang Clan taught us in the early 1990s, cash rules everything around us. In the late 1990s, Puff Daddy informed society that it was all about the Benjamins. Reading transcripts of/listening to The Sports Bank’s exclusive with Quade Green, another 5-star prospect heading to the Kentucky Wildcats next season, evokes both of these iconic hip-hop hits.

Green on Kentucky Coach John Calipari:

“He does it the best. He gets the best players, and they make money at the end of the day. That’s what everybody dreams of, whether you’re media, or a math teacher, you’re trying to make money when you get older. You can’t live poorly, everybody wants to make some type of green.”

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Jeremiah Tilmon and a Brief History of Illini Basketball Five Star Recruiting Drama


You’re in. You’re out.

You’re in. You’re out.

You’re in. You’re out.

That’s a brief, but extremely accurate synopsis of Illini basketball recruiting five star prospects this past decade. Jeremiah Tilmon, who Scout ranks as the #18 overall player in the nation, just yesterday re-tweeted his original tweet committing his future to Illini basketball. That’s a very teachable moment, as it strongly reminds us never to read too much into Tweets.

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Duke Signee Gary Trent Jr. Has Advantage of “Uncles” Kevin Garnett, Sam Cassell

gary trent jr

Lots of people learn the “family business” growing up, but most don’t have one as exciting as the NBA. Incoming Duke Blue Devils Frosh Gary Trent Jr. has been around the National Basketball Association his whole life, as the son of former player Gary Trent.

Like the title of the Ernest Hemingway novel, the son also rises, as Trent is consensus five star shooting guard. Scout ranks him the 12th best prospect in the entire nation, while ESPN has him #8 and 24/7 sports has him #10.

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The John Calipari 30 for 30 “One and Not Done” is Going to Be Epic

kentucky basketball

(UPDATE: we’ll have an exclusive with Director Jonathan Hock on Friday, the audio and transcript of which will be posted Monday morning, alongside our review of the film)

John Calipari is one of the most polarizing figures in all of sport, and the reasons for this go well above and beyond the garden variety envy that always accompanies the highest standards of success.

Yes, the Kentucky Wildcats dominate the NBA Draft and the McDonald’s All-American Game. They win a lot of championships, regular season, conference tournament and NCAA Tournament games too.

However, the hatred for UK men’s basketball, and Calipari, runs so much deeper than simple “they hate us cuz they ain’t us,” and if you claim it’s as simple as that, then you are being either egregiously ignorant or intentionally evasive.

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Will Brian Bowen Pick Michigan State Over Arizona? All Depends on Domino Theory


Brian Bowen, colloquially known as “Tugs,” is one of the nation’s top uncommitted players and a perfect example of how college basketball recruiting is like a game of Tetris meets a crossword puzzle. You have certain pieces in place already, here comes the next piece, can you make it fit? If so, how do you make it fit?

You have some of the clues already, but how do you find the rest of the information to make it all fit together? It’s all a domino theory. Brian Bowen is rated #19 in Scout, #15 in 24/7 Sports, and #12 by ESPN, so he’s a consensus blue chip prospect.

Where he ends up depends on what slot he would see as the best fit for him.

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Purdue Boilermakers Top Early B1G Basketball 2017-18 Power Rankings

vince-edwards purdue basketball

Looking ahead to next season, and this is a very early lookahead as so much will change between now and November, the B1G should get more experienced, deeper and hence better, as a league. That said, it remains to be seen whether not the B1G will make a a bigger and better impact on the national next season.

The Illinois Fighting Illini are the only B1G squad with a national top ten level recruiting class coming in, although the Michigan State Spartans and Purdue Boilermakers are in the top 20, top 25 tier.

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Zach Collins Looks to Fill Damontas Sabonis Void at Gonzaga


(Editor’s Note: this Gonzaga article is a re-post from a year ago; made to coincide with the National Championship game tonight)

For the Gonzaga Bulldogs, it’s now enter Zach Collins; as Damontas Sabonis exits. Today, we found out that Sabonis the Younger has entered the draft for good (by declaring an agent), and he’s looking like a lottery selection (more on him here). Some mock drafts have Domantas Sabonis as high as #8 overall and no one seems to have him lower than #19. So he could be on his way to beginning a storied NBA career like his father Arvydas Sabonis.

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Gonzaga Completely Rewrites Their “Only Happy When it Rains” NCAA Tourney History


(Editor’s Note: this Gonzaga article is a re-post from a year ago; made to coincide with the National Championship game tonight)

The Gonzaga basketball program is exactly like the song “only happy when it rains” by ’90s alt-rock band Garbage. This has nothing to do with the high amounts of precipitation that fall in the Pacific Northwest either. The program is at its best when the situation is less than optimal.

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Coastal Carolina Cheerleading Suspended; Amidst Prostitution Allegations


Coastal Carolina Cheerleading is currently dominating the sports news cycle, as the squad has been indefinitely suspended.

A conduct investigation is the reason for the suspension, and the allegations include “a long list of things,” including prostitution, purchasing alcohol for underage team members, and paying others to complete their homework assignments.

Coastal Carolina University, commonly referred to as CCU or Coastal, is a public, state-supported, liberal arts university in Conway, South Carolina, United States. It is actually not located on the coast, but about 12 miles inland from Myrtle Beach.

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