Chicago Bulls: better or worse in a half season under Hoiberg?


As we’ve passed the midpoint of the NBA season, heading towards the rapidly approaching All-Star break, it’s time to do some evaluation. Where are the Chicago Bulls halfway through the 2015-16 season? Has the change from Tom Thibodeau to Fred Hoiberg been for the better? Or for the worse?

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Jimmy Butler obviously Bulls leading man, D Rose a role player

jimmy butler

Back on Chicago Bulls Media Day Jimmy Butler was asked by a reporter if this team is now “Jimmy Butler’s team” or is it still “Derrick Rose’s team?”

Butler answered in a very predictable way, and in the only way that he conceivably could answer that question. The answer was totally cliche, but the Q&A did serve a vital point. It provided a litmus test to see if the person talking Chicago Bulls hoops had any acumen or not.

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Jay Cutler or Derrick Rose: Obama on who’s more valuable


It’s an interesting argument and not one that I’ve actually considered until Bill Simmons posed it to Barack Obama in the latest issue of GQ. Simmons had an exclusive with the leader of the free world for Gentleman’s Quarterly and it covered a whole multitude of topics.

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Zach Randolph tops 10 best interviews of 2015

zach randolph

As we continue our 2015 “best of” series, The Sports Bank counts down the ten best interviews we did this past year. As I’ve said repeatedly, 99% of media interviews and press conferences are utterly worthless and completely pointless.

However, I probably did well over a thousand or two thousand media opps this past year because everything that follows is pure gold.

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NBA Christmas uniforms more traditional this year (photos)


In past years, the NBA on Christmas Day uniforms were very avant-garde and experimental. However, the 2015 edition  is more traditional and conservative.

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Derrick Rose tops 10 most popular Chicago sports stories of ’15


Tonight after the Chicago Bulls win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Joakim Noah said this to the media regarding Derrick Rose: “A lot of people always have things to say about him, today he showed his value.”

Indeed D Rose did have a decent night, scoring 19 points on 9-19 shooting. He made news on Saturday night by saying he’s now completely done with both the fro and the mask.

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Chicago Bulls, NBA on Christmas Day: full schedule, TV info


Chicago Bulls Center Pau Gasol described the experience of playing on Christmas Day as “sweet and sour;” articulating the mixed feelings that some NBA players hold about participating in hoops on the Yuletide.

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Derrick Rose: 2 steps forward, 1 step back (video)


“It was fun to see him,” Chicago Bulls Head Coach Fred Hoiberg said of Derrick Rose and his play versus Memphis this past week.

“You could see the explosiveness. He was getting into the paint, he was finishing, had a couple of others he would love to have finished and I’m sure he’ll finish later. But he set the tone for our team with his aggressive drives to the basket.”

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Doug McDermott making his mark in NBA soph year

doug mcdermott

Chicago Bulls second year forward Doug McDermott had a 13 and 8 last night in the Bulls’ blowout of the lowly Philadelphia 76ers. This followed up Dougie McBuckets’ 12 and 2 in the come from behind win over the also struggling New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night. Last night he had 17 points on 6-12 shooting, 4-8 from three in a very comfortable win over Memphis.

The Bulls have now won four in a row and now find themselves just one game behind the Cleveland Cavaliers for first place in the Central Division and the Eastern Conference.

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Pau Gasol, Fred Hoiberg explaining Bulls inconsistencies


There weren’t a whole lot of changes to the Chicago Bulls this past offseason. (There will likely be a bunch next summer, but that’s another story for another time, will Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol be back? We’ll see) The only major change is regime change.

With Fred Hoiberg taking over for Tom Thibodeau, you have a team that’s more fun and exciting to watch offensively, but doesn’t come anywhere close to rivaling the 48 minutes of hell kind of defense that we saw during the Thibs era.

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Derrick Rose says he’s done with the mask, old haircut


Derrick Rose is back to his old self; it seems. From an exterior standpoint- he’s back. The mask and fro look are now kaput. Whether or not he regains the explosiveness and production that he once had is a different story that we’ll have for another space and time.

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Charles Barkley calling Bulls game tonight; what a treat!


When the Oklahoma City Thunder visit the Chicago Bulls tomorrow night at 7 p.m, Hall of Famer Charles Barkley will be a game analyst with play-by-play commentator Kevin Harlan, analyst Reggie Miller and reporter Craig Sager. Yes, that’s right, Charles Barkley will call the very next Bulls game.

Zaniness could ensue.

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