Rajon Rondo Instagram Implosion Wasn’t the Chicago Bulls Death Knell After All

rajon rondo

The 2016-17 Chicago Bulls are probably the first team in NBA history to endure a total meltdown on Instagram, and later emerge stronger from it. Back on January 26th, Bulls point guard Rajon Rondo made comments that at the time seemed like they would effectively seal his exit from club.

Rondo went thermonuclear on his official Instagram account, making comments in response to Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade that, back then, seemed utterly impossible to walk back.

Sure, we all saw the friction with Rondo coming before the season began, given his past history, but no one really expected a scorched Earth action like what occurred that day.

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Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics NBA Playoffs Preview, TV Schedule Prediction


Hey, at least it’s not Chicago Bulls versus a Lebron James led team in the NBA playoffs! That’s a story we’ve seen re-hashed more than Fast and Furious and Batman combined. The ending is just as entirely predictable too. The best thing you can say about #1 seed Boston Celtics versus #8 seed Chicago Bulls is that it’s not Bull-Cleveland Cavaliers.

This series might be slightly more interesting than Bulls-Cavs would be in 2017, but it won’t be as good as the legendary Bulls-Celtics first round series in 2009 which set an NBA Playoff record for the most overtime games (4) and periods (7) played.

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ESPN 30 for 30: Top 20 of All Time List


Rating the best films in the ESPN 30 for 30 series is a highly debatable endeavor, as there are so many great documentaries to choose from. Click the title where highlighted for a review/feature on that specific film.

A year ago, I would have told you that there’s Hillsborough, the college football docs, and then there’s everything else. Still true, except now there’s Laettner, which towers above everything else.

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Derrick Rose SAT Scandal at Memphis Revisited in Coach Cal 30 for 30


“It’s kind of like they were searching for something that wasn’t there,” Derrick Rose says as he appears in “One and Not Done,” the latest edition of the ESPN Films 30 for 30 series which debuts tomorrow night at 8 PM central.

“And Cal, we talked numerous times about it, and he was telling me, just focus on your career, and I’ll take care of the rest and that was that.”

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NBA Mock Draft Second Round 3/25/17

nba draft logo

Here is The Sports Bank’s 2017 NBA Mock Draft.  Outstanding trades have not been taken into account with the second round.

(Updated: 3/23/17)

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NBA Mock Draft First Round 3/25/17

nba draft logo

Here is The Sports Bank’s 2017 NBA Mock Draft.

(Updated: 3/23/17) Here is the link to the NFL mock draft

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Former Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause Passes Away at Age 77

jerry krause

Jerry Krause, architect of the Chicago Bulls 1990s super-dynasty passed away Tuesday. The former Chicago Bulls General Manager and White Sox scout, who died from persistent health issues, including osteomyelitis, was 77. He retired last spring from his scouting job with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Here’s a Tweet from the Chicago Tribune’s Bulls beat reporter K.C. Johnson. Below that is a Tweet from the Tribune’s Mark Gonzalez, who covered Jerry Krause during his days with the Sox.

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Chicago Bulls Lose Dwyane Wade for the rest of the Season

dwyane wade

Chicago Bulls superstar and local product Dwyane Wade will miss the rest of the season, an official team press release said. According to the club, results of an MRI showed a sprain and a small fracture in his right elbow, which will sideline him for the rest of the 2016-17 regular season.

There is a possibility that he could return for the NBA playoffs, but that’s a strong doubt given a.) how the Bulls season has resulted thus far and b.) how one could forecast their performance down the stretch here without D. Wade.

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Summer Status of Jimmy Butler Will Define Chicago Bulls General Direction

jimmy butler

The Chicago Bulls have to decide what they want to be. Are they going to start over and move towards building a true championship contender? Or just remain content being an astounding commercial success with a mediocre at best on-court product.

The status of Jimmy Butler will define that direction. The NBA trade deadline came and went and Jimmy G. Buckets is still here.

It’s not too surprising because the Bulls will likely have better deals available this summer than they did this past week.

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Chicago Bulls Lack a Genuine Identity; Big Changes Must Come Eventually

chicago bulls

This past summer Chicago Bulls GM Gar Forman claimed the team was going “younger and more athletic.” Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol, E’Twaunn Moore and Aaron Brooks out.

Robin Lopez, Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo and Jerian Grant in.

Younger and more athletic? Only if you believe in alternative facts. This Chicago Bulls team needs another major overhaul this summer, to even remotely be considered “younger and more athletic.”

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NBA All-Star Weekend Needs to Finally Return to Chicago in 2018


The NBA All-Star Game was inaugurated in 1951, but hasn’t been played in Chicago since 1988. The second city, as much of a hoops haven as any destination in America, has only hosted it twice (1973 was the other occasion). The 2017 NBA All-Star weekend, commencing tonight with the Rising Stars Game, was originally awarded to Charlotte, North Carolina.

On March 23, 2016, North Carolina passed House Bill 2, commonly known as “the bathroom bill.” This led to the NBA threatening to pull the game from Charlotte if the bigoted bill was not repealed or revised so as to not discriminate against the LGBT community. The state of North Carolina kept their discriminatory law in place, and the NBA announced on July 21, 2016 that the game would be moved from Charlotte to New Orleans.

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Chicago Bulls Must Realize Where Denzel Valentine Fits, at Point Guard


NBA Draft Lottery picks are not meant to be sent back and forth between the parent club and the D-League franchise. Denzel Valentine, the 2016 College Basketball Player of the Year Award winner, does not belong at the Sears Center.

Unless suburban big box mart shopping is his thing, the 14th overall selection in the NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls should not be spending substantial time near the giant IKEA in Schaumburg, or the homogenized office parks that dominated the edge city landscape of Hoffman Estates.

Zel has fallen so far down Coach Fred Hoiberg’s rotation that the Bulls second round pick, Paul Zipser, has a much better and more defined role with the team.

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