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Johnny Weir makes hilarious jab at the state of Kentucky


Johnny Weir is one of sports broadcasting’s brightest stars. A large reason for that is his candor, and the fact that she never shies away from that candid opinion. Weir and his tag team partner Tara Lipinski or “I love my blonde little munchkin” as he calls her were fashion critics for Access Hollywood’s coverage of the Academy Awards.. This weekend, the duo reprise that role, serving as Kentucky Derby Fashion Analysts for NBC.

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir had a media session previewing their coverage of the Derby yesterday and apparently, Johnny Weir doesn’t think the state of Kentucky is synonymous with high fashion sense.  He’s not wrong. When I think of the Bluegrass state I think of Coach Cal, Big Blue Nation, bourbon, KFC, Pitino, the movie Goldfinger and that’s about it.

Here’s what Johnny Weir said:

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Broncos Peyton Manning will be on Letterman on Cinco de Mayo


Omaha! Wait I mean OMAHA!

Denver Broncos quarterback and 2014 NFL MVP Peyton Manning will visit the Late Show with David Letterman, Monday, May 5 (9:35 PM MT) on the CBS Television Network. This will be Peyton Manning’s first talk show interview since Super Bowl XLVII, when the Broncos were destroyed by the Seattle Seahawks 43-8. This will be Manning’s fourth appearance on the Letterman.

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Tara Lipinski talks about her famous Big Lebowski routine

tara lipinski

As far as Sochi Winter Olympic commentators go, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir just owned it. They were dominant in Sochi. The duo’s on-air performance drew rave reviews from media critics and led to NBC using Weir and Lipinski again as fashion critics for Access Hollywood’s coverage of the Academy Awards.. This weekend, the duo reprise that role, serving as Kentucky Derby Fashion Analysts for NBC.

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir had a media session previewing their coverage of the Derby yesterday, and I asked Lipinski over the phone about that clever “Big Lebowski” skating routine. (Just wait till you read Weir’s hilarious response!)

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What exactly was Tom Thibodeau thinking this playoff series?


Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau has accomplished quite a bit in his first four years as an NBA head coach. He’s been very successful. But watching his team lose in the first round of the playoffs this season, one has to wonder if maybe he actually wants out?

The Bulls were picked by almost everyone to win this series, but they went out in five games. Thibodeau’s refusal to make any more than very minor adjustments to his rotation was a huge reason the team couldn’t advance.

In his first season of 2010-11, Tom Thibodeau led the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals, their first such appearance since the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen era.

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Rev. Jesse Jackson says he would help Donald Sterling sell the team


Rev. Jesse Jackson joined Bloomberg Television’s Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle following NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s press conference. The Rev. Jesse Jackson said:

“There’s nothing more that needs to be done. I’m sure he has polled the owners… No owner will stand against this recommendation and vote for Sterling. If they did not do it, you would have mutiny by the players, boycotts by the fans and more dropouts from the advertisers.”

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Chicago Bulls Twitterverse bids Carlos Boozer farewell in LOL fashion

carlos boozer bulls

For the end of the Carlos Boozer era in Chicago I was….When I saw the final score was Wizards 75, Bulls 69, I realized that I missed absolutely nothing.

I’ve seen seen the Illini score less than 19 points in a half TWICE this winter, so I’m fresh out of patience for watching basketball teams in the state of Illinois that can’t score a lick. That said, let’s give a big “Hey, thanks for coming!” to Carlos Boozer.

In style.

Twitter style.

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Illini all-time leading scorer Deon Thomas joins UIC Coaching Staff


Deon Thomas has landed a coaching gig at the University of Illinois. Just not in Urbana-Champaign. At the Chicago campus instead. When Assistant Coach Isaac Chew departed Illinois for Marquette, just weeks after he left Mizzou to join the Illini an assistant gig opened up under John Groce at Illinois.

Paris Parham filled the position instead ofFlorida State assistant Dennis Gates, Simeon Coach Robert Smith and Deon Thomas. All were considered candidates.

It was just announced minutes ago Illini fans, that Deon Thomas will be on Howard Moore’s staff at UIC.

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Frank de Boer to be the next Tottenham Hotspur Manager

Tottenham Stadium frank de boer

Tottenham Hotspur’s search for a new manager may be ending as Ajax head coach Frank de Boer confirms that he’s been in talks with the North London side. De Boer says White Hart Lane contacted the Dutch champions through their director of football and former Arsenal star Marc Overmars.

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Chicago Bears one of three finalists for HBO Hard Knocks

Chicago Bears DE Jared Allen

It was revealed today that the Chicago Bears are one of three finalists, along with the Steelers and Giants, to be the team featured on HBO Hard Knocks

The Chicago Bears have done a lot to improve the team heading towards the 2014-15 season. The additions of Lamarr Houston, Willie Young, and most recently Jared Allen will help an abysmal defense. The signing of Allen will also put Chicago head and shoulders above the other eligible teams for HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ series.

Allen, tight end Martellus Bennett, and head coach Marc Trestman may be three of the most unique and entertaining people in the NFL. What better way to showcase three phases of a team than with a slightly off defensive end, an enlightening offensive weapon, and the “nerdy” head coach in a macho sport. Those are just the three of the better known personalities from last season. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall, offensive lineman Kyle Long, linebacker Lance Briggs, and quarterback Jay Cutler have been the subject of talk based on their characteristics. [Read more…]

Bulls vs Wizards Game 5: Will Taj Gibson finally start?


The Chicago Bulls’ season is on the line tonight as they host the Washington Wizards in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series. But you can’t blame Taj Gibson.

The Bulls trail 3-1 in the series and will need to become the ninth team in NBA postseason history to recover from such a deficit if they want their season to continue.

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What are the chances Doc Rivers returns to the L.A. Clippers?

Doc rivers magic johnson

You might have heard a thing or two about the L.A. Clippers lately. Donald Sterling’s bigotry is unprecedented, and it will be interesting to be what Adam Silver intends to do about it moving forward. It begins today when Silver addresses the media. What about Doc Rivers? What about the team? The Houston Rockets owner proposed to that the Commissioner make the entire Clippers team free agents.

And supposedly, Silver is considering it.

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Cubs prospect report: how is Duane Underwood progressing?


Chicago Cubs prospects are definitely more intriguing than current Chicago Cubs these days. Like my Twitter buddy The Frustrated Fan (@Frustrated_Fan) once said “the guys who aren’t on the team yet are more interesting than the ones who are.”

He’s right as this Cubs team doesn’t truly have any real “pieces” so to speak. An analogy would be the Chicago Bulls. If this Bulls team were to win the NBA title, the only guys on team now that would be there when they win it all are Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. Those are pieces. The Cubs don’t have any.

Hence what’s in the pipeline, potentially, is infinitely more relevant.

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