What are the chances Doc Rivers returns to the L.A. Clippers?


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You might have heard a thing or two about the L.A. Clippers lately. Donald Sterling’s bigotry is unprecedented, and it will be interesting to be what Adam Silver intends to do about it moving forward. It begins today when Silver addresses the media. What about Doc Rivers? What about the team? The Houston Rockets owner proposed to that the Commissioner make the entire Clippers team free agents.

And supposedly, Silver is considering it.

So what will Doc Rivers decide to do as Head Coach of the LA Clippers?

The odds Doc Rivers remain head coach of the Clippers after this season. 2/5 -250

Doc Rivers quits the team. 5/2 +250

Doc Rivers will ask to be traded to another team 4/1 +400



Doc Rivers signed a three-year, $21 million contract last summer to become the Clippers coach and vice president of basketball operations. He’s unsure whether he’ll return to the team if Sterling remains owner.

“I don’t want to answer that question. I don’t know. This just happened.”

Doc Rivers believes Sterling did make those racist comments.
“Yeah, I believe he said those things,” Rivers said. “But I still want to make sure [the tape] hasn’t been doctored. But, yes, is the answer. As far as believing those things, I heard what he said. Until someone says something differently, you usually listen to what people say.

“I haven’t given him due process. I haven’t given him an opportunity to explain himself. And quite honestly, I don’t want him to or want him [to explain] to me. I’ll wait for that further judgment.”


Here’s Betfair’s breakdown of what will happen with Sterling

remains owner of the Clippers. 11/10 +110

sell the teams. 7/4 +175

NBA suspends him for up to year. 3/1 +300

NBA suspends him for more than a year. 15/1 +1500

NBA bans him from the league forever. 20/1 +2000

NBA takes ownership of the team. 100/1 +10000

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