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Cubs prospect report: Jake Hannemann is intriguing, somewhat


Chicago Cubs prospects are definitely more intriguing than current Chicago Cubs these days. Like my Twitter buddy The Frustrated Fan (@Frustrated_Fan) once said “the guys who aren’t on the team yet are more interesting than the ones who are.”

He’s right as this Cubs team doesn’t truly have any real “pieces” so to speak. An analogy would be the Chicago Bulls. If this Bulls team were to win the NBA title, the only guys on team now that would be there when they win it all are Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. Those are pieces. The Cubs don’t have any.

Hence what’s in the pipeline, potentially, is infinitely more relevant.

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Penn St.’s Allen Robinson: Kiper predicts where he’ll get drafted


Former Penn State wide receiver Allen Robinson would have been better off staying in school, and ESPN NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. agrees with me. Imagine if Robinson had another year in State College working with Christian Hackenberg? They would easily be the Big Ten’s best pitch-and-catch combination this fall.

However, you can’t leave money on the table so if the payday is there I guess you got to go pro. Kiper was on conference call yesterday and here’s his assessment of where Allen Robinson might end up being picked this NFL Draft.

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Carlo Ancelotti denies any talk with Manchester United


Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti claims that he has hasn’t had any contact at all this week with Manchester United.

Ancelotti once again distanced himself from the United Managing job left open with the sacking of David Moyes. It was thought that Louis van Gaal was close to finalizing a deal with the Red Devils, but apparently he wants to bring in five of his own assistants and that could crumble the deal. Which means United will have to reach out to Carlo Ancelotti, and not many others.

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VIDEO: Pacers, Paul George heckler overshadows NBA TV announcers

Indiana Pacers paul george

Paul George and the Indiana Pacers may have assured themselves a dubious place among the worst #1 seeds in NBA history. The Last time I saw a team this lifeless and apathetic playing at Conseco Fieldhouse…was only 6 weeks ago actually:  the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Big Ten Tourney.

Pacers playoff tickets for game two went for only $7.20 in the secondary market, and the way Indiana played the first half tonight, that’s WAY OVERPRICED.

Paul George and company did make a furious comeback late, making the final score a bit more respectable, but they’re still down 3-2 in the series, just one game from elimination at the hands of an Atlanta Hawks team that finished the regular season 38-44. The Pacers lack of effort in this one angered the crowd.

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Crowd Goes Wild registers a 0.1 Rating (Update: CGW cancelled)


I wrote the night before Crowd Goes Wild premiered on Fox Sports 1 that it was going to be terrible. The FS 1 late afternoon program isn’t terrible; at least ratings wise.  It registered a 0.1 overnight rating- that’s beyond terrible.

Remember Animal House:

“Mr. Blutarksi, 0.0”

Crowd Goes Wild is hanging out just slightly above that.

(UPDATE: Fox officially cancels Crowd Goes Wild on 4-27-14. Note, this story originally ran on September 3rd)

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Why whitewash Ryan Braun? Ryan Braun has NOT redeemed himself


Steroid cheat, but more importantly compulsive liar Ryan Braun has led the Milwaukee Brewers to the best record in baseball. You probably aren’t aware of this because the Brewers are not any of the following:

Lebron James, Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, any of the New York or Boston teams, North Carolina, Duke, the SEC or Notre Dame.

Unless you’re one of the players or teams on that short list above, your coverage on ESPN will be minimal. And who can talk about the ultra-hot April the Milwaukee Brewers have had when OMG THE CUBS MADE A 400 WRIGLEY FIELD CAKE!!!! AND IT GOT THROWN AWAY!!!!

Because the cake narrative is the most important to happen in the Upper Midwest in the history of forever.

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Cubs prospects report: Baez, Johnson, McKirahan, Soler


Jeremy Harris returns to give us a Cubs prospects report.

The Cubs have an 8-16 record through Sunday, which includes three losses in which they were tied or winning entering the eighth inning. Four more losses came in games where they squandered leads. However, we’re not going to focus on gloom and doom, we’re going to talk Cubs prospects.  There are some nice stories taking root in the Cubs farm system.  Several Cubs prospects, including some of baseball’s top blue chips, are continuing to excel as they’re promoted to higher levels in the system.

We feature some of those Cubs prospects today.

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UPDATED: Complete 2014 NBA Draft Early Entries List

nba draft logo

The deadline has passed for college basketball players to declare for the 2014 NBA Draft.  Here is the up-to-date list of the 2014 NBA Draft early entries.

Click here for The Sports Bank’s 2014 NBA Draft.  Click on the player’s name for an in-depth scouting report.

UPDATED: 4/28/14

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Cubs’ prospects report: Alcantara, Bryant, Black, Edwards


The Cubs have scuffled to an 8-16 record through Sunday, including suffering three losses in which they were tied or winning entering the eighth inning.  They endured four more losses in games in which they squandered leads. Nevertheless, some nice stories are taking root in the Cubs’ farm system.  Several prospects, including some of baseball’s top ones, are continuing to excel even as they have been promoted to higher levels in the Cubs’ system this season.

We feature some of those Cubs’ prospects today.

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Michigan’s Taylor Lewan: 2nd overall NFL Draft to the St. Louis Rams?


Former Michigan Offensive Tackle Taylor Lewan may end up as the #2 overall pick in this year’s draft. Which is shocking when you consider: 1.) how terrible the Michigan offensive line was, and how bad the offense was in general, 2.) the overall reputation of Big Ten football right now and 3.) Taylor Lewan’s peripheral connection to the Brendan Gibbons rape case. And the assault charges filed by Ohio Sate fans against him.

However, all of these Taylor Lewan drawbacks can be explained away.

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PHOTOS: Liverpool Championship t-shirts already printed


Talk about “jumping the gun!”

Okay, obviously, these Liverpool 2013-14 Premier League Champions t-shirts were printed to be antagonistic, and to get attention. I doubt any true Liverpool FC supporters are laughing at this, especially since the shirts came out BEFORE the 2-0 defeat at home to Chelsea today.

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PHOTOS: David Moyes statue erected at Liverpool FC’s home Stadium


Irish sports book Paddy Power are famous for their bold and irreverent publicity stunts. Some of them are polarizing, others are pretty funny. The David Moyes statue is pretty clever, no matter what club you support. Paddy Power placed a David Moyes statue outside of Anfield ahead of Liverpool’s 0-2 loss to Chelsea on Sunday afternoon “for services to Liverpool Football Club.”

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