Tiger Woods Injured in Car Accident?



By: Melissa S. Wollering

Preliminary reports, cited from Florida State Highway Patrol documents, say Tiger Woods was injured in a car accident early Friday morning. According to the report, he was driving and hit a fire hydrant  or tree near his Florida home.  Alcohol doesn’t appear to be involved whatsoever.  However, the report does indicate he suffered injuries as a result of his accident. It begs the question: why don’t athletes with major dollars rely on hired drivers regardless of the situation?

I don’t make a ton of money.  However, if I made even a portion of what Tiger does and was in any sort of public limelight, I would hire a driver.  It could be my bored, retired neighbor, my buddy finishing his second degree while working another job or you.  You’d be my driver, wouldn’t you?

If I offered one of you $100,000 per year salary to haul my hind quarters around when I needed you to, you’d do it.  In fact, you’d be psyched because it was probably a heck of a lot more money than you’re making now.  You’d also be asked just one task: drive.  Drive my behind to the grocery store, maybe the bourgie fundraising event downtown every so often and maybe a bar or two every now and then.  I would be realistic about it too and give you time off when I didn’t need to go anywhere.

2007 Buick Enclave Concept

According to early reports, Tiger was close to his home, hit a hydrant or tree (possibly on neighbor’s property)nearby and really did some damage to his vehicle and himself. The full extent of his injuries are unknown at this time, however some information indicates he suffered facial lascerations.  It’s also unknown whether he was alone in the vehicle or if there were other passengers.  Again, alcohol does not appear to be a factor. 


Perhaps it was Thanksgiving and Mr. Woods gave his entire staff the holiday off.  I’m assuming that was after the staff prepared a scrumptious turkey dinner with fantastic trimmings. Still, you couldn’t find ANYONE to drive?  Anyone?  Doesn’t Tiger have a back-up driver?  Could he afford a back-up for his back-up driver?  One would assume…

The benefits to having a driver are two-fold.  It reduces personal liability.  This means the liability one assumes when driving under the influence, driving too fast, driving and failing to yield or follow other traffic regulations, etc.  You’re also liable for the lives you endanger when involved in an accident. If Tiger was to hit another vehicle and involve any other human beings, you darn well know those people would sue the crap out of our beloved golfer. Maybe it would be justified due to personal injury.  Maybe it wouldn’t.  Maybe people would sue him just because they felt like it. Greed tends to win in this cruel world.


The second benefit to having a driver is to reduce the risk of personal injury.  Remember when your mom told you to sit in the backseat?  You whined and complained, wanting to sit in the front?  That’s because the backseat is safer–for kids AND adults when properly restrained. So put Tiger in the back of his Cadillac SUV (that’s what the report claims he was driving) and maybe he wouldn’t have facial lascerations. Thank the heavens he didn’t crush that reconstructed knee.  And promise me this—if you ever make enough money to pay for a driver just get one.  Heck, if I’m still around, I’ll consider chaffeuring your keister around.  Even on Turkey Day. Just save me the leg and some stuffing.

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  1. Paul Schmidt says

    apparently because he was leaing his house at 2:30 in the morning…

  2. mswollering says

    Yeah, I wonder why he was leaving so late…maybe there’s a good reason. Or maybe his reason is just like the reason a tree and or fire hydrant grew legs and jumped in front of his car for no good reason… :)

  3. Paul Schmidt says

    Well, if he gave his staff Thanksgiving off like you said, maybe he REALLY needed to run out and get something. Who knows?

  4. I hate driving. I’d hire a personal driver in a second if I had the money, then I could read, type and do research in the car everywhere I went

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