The Urban Cougar Field Guide



By Rikki Greenberg

The Urban Cougar sets her eyes on an unsuspecting cub. He catches a glimpse of what is soon to come, but decides to play it cool. The Urban Cougar remains coy in her approach but realizes she needs to be more aggressive. Approaching the young cub is like approaching a piece of lettuce for her and she quickly devours the tasty man-meat in one very busy night. Are we still talking about people here?

In fact, we are. These “cougars” aren’t crazed animals taking a weekend vacation away from the zoo. These are 30, 40 and 50-something women dating (i.e. having fun) with men 20 years their junior.  Startling as it may be, the pumas have been around for a long time and thanks to movies and television, the notion of a younger man dating an older woman has become more acceptable.

Cougar Cinema
Let’s take movies for example. Who could forget the classic movie, The Graduate, in which a seductive Mrs. Robinson purrs her way into the young cub’s heart, gets him liquored up and renders the poor guy helpless as they go bump in the night. Luckily, Mrs. Robinson was reincarnated as the lovable Mrs. Stifler in the pastry manipulated extravaganza, otherwise known as American Pie. Mrs. Stifler was a top notch cougar and the sexual fantasy of her son’s friends. She was able to capture the heart of one young boy and they happily filled each other’s sexual desires in a cushy room complete with a pool table and full liquor bar. Or was it in the back seat of a car? The location is arguable but the point is they had some fun.

Television Cougars
Not only do movies showcase the classic cougar in action, but television shows get in on the action as well. The cult favorite, Sex and the City, gave the general public an idea of what it’s like to be an urban cougar on the prowl. One character in particular, Samantha, ravages in her sexual confidence and ends up spending quality time with one lucky cub or two each week.

Cougars on the Web
The animalistic references towards older woman continue on the internet, where experienced cougars and cougars looking to turn pro can congregate to share their stories. Thanks to movies and television, websites like and have a growing fan base full of women who aren’t afraid to show their stripes. And claws.


Linda Hogan and her scuzzy bf

Celebrity Cougardom
This goes for celebrities (who are real people too after all) showing their stripes as well.  Famed Striptease actress and forty-something cougar nabbed her youthful boy toy Ashton Kutcher in 2003. The initial reaction during this time was shock and disbelief, but luckily these two crazy kids (well…one kid) got married and are still happily together.
If Demi and Ashton could do it, than Mariah Carey can do it too. Besides her credible singing talents and enormous amounts of cash, Carey has earned the new title of “Urban Cougar.”  Yes ladies and gentleman, she is the Urban Cougar of the Month on because of her highly-publicized marriage to 20-something actor/rapper, Nick Cannon. Much to Carey’s dismay, she has been replaced by a new cougar named Madonna, No Last Name. 50-something singer Madonna is rumored to be playing the field with her much younger bat boy, Yankees shortstop Alex Rodriguez. Even Los Angeles Lakers Guard Sasha Vujacic has been rumored to get down with the urban cougars due to some recent pictures surfacing on the internet.

Playground Rules

Once celebrities reached the prime age for urban cougar behavior, the rules and regulations didn’t come naturally. This also goes for normal pumas as well, which is why information on swimming in the kiddy pool is mandatory to obtain success. According to, classic cougars should not be afraid to hit undesirable bars in order to feast on delicious college age meat. This makes sense because guys in their 20’s usually do not have money to throw around, so going to a bar that has $1 beer night is a wise choice. Another tip is to avoid such heavy topics like kids or failed past relationships. The last thing an urban cougar wants to do is make the age gap even more obvious with these grown up topics. So who falls prey to these alluring women?

Any 20-something guy who wants to know the feeling of being with an older woman. Of course, generalizations never work so let’s be a little more specific. Tadpoles (younger guys) usually consist of these stereotypes: frat boy, summer intern, waiter, immigrant gardener, the pool boy and the junior investment banker.


Cougar acceptance

Samantha on Sex and the City showed us all what it means to have a good time in your 50’s. Demi Moore married a man that could easily be mistaken for one of her kids. Whether these women know it or not, they helped put cougars on the mainstream map. The various forms of media, such as movies, television and the internet, shed a new light on this somewhat frowned upon behavior. However, the argument goes that if older men can date younger women, then it’s only fair older woman get to do the same. So thank you Demi & Ashton and Cameron & Justin for showing older woman where the real fountain of youth is: Younger men!

Rikki Greenberg is a contributor the Street Team


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  1. paulmbanks says

    Bill Port, you must comment on this post. I know you want to

  2. Conrad Lawrence says

    Nice job of covering “the field”. Makes me wish this cultural acceptance had been around when I was a man of my twenties. Ever thought about a follow up story to see if this will mean that acceptance of older men dating younger women will become more accepted?


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