1. Big ass turkey legs. it’s like that scene in one of my all time fav movies CB4- sit down and eat your big ass biscuit.

    love the shot of my pork burger

  2. Thought I had a better shot of the pork burger but I didn’t…the Big Ass Turkey Legs had to be seen to be believed. They were big.

  3. this was like our ESPN College Gameday on location show…..

    I was shocked that our trip to Iowa entailed o total “Is this Heaven Ray? No, it’s Iowa” the most famous “Field of Dreams” quote when you consider we were tailgating with a dude named Ray in Iowa City.

  4. and zero “River City, Ioway” references to The Music Man, which is surprising since both of us have a knowledge of musicals that very few heterosexual man possess.

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