Stay Classy Ohio: Both MLB teams among top 3 HATED


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Interesting study in the Wall Street Journal, which surveyed the most hated teams in all of Major League Baseball. Yes, ESPN’s home team, the Boston Red Sox did indeed finish second, but #1 and #3 may surprise you.

From a scintillating  Yardbarker article and the Ohio sports blog Wait till Next year:

And while most fans of baseball would assume that the ever-hated New York Yankees would be on the Mt. Everest of sports hate, the Pinstripes came in fifth behind the Indians, Red Sox, Reds and Astros.

Judging by the teams that top the list, the algorithm appears to weed out jealousy-based hate, opting to focus more on the displeasure with overall results; fans villifying their own team.  If this is in fact the case, it comes as no surprise that the Indians would be among those with the most negative sentiment.  There are fewer teams in all of baseball with a passionate fan base that has had to endure such futility for the most part of the last decade.

So celebrate Cleveland fans, you’ve actually won something for once. And just like in that classic baseball movie “Major League,” everyone in the country picked you to finish last.

“Not bad for a has-been and a couple of never-will-bes.”

major league

Note the Milwaukee radio station below the press box...

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