How to put your strength altogether to hit big hits


Hitting big sixes is a skill of an attacking batsman to put a huge total on the board. A batsman needs continuous training and power to hit such huge sixes. As a viewer, we always enjoy watching a batsman smashing the bowler for sixes out of the boundary or even stadium.

It is always exciting as a fan to watch his favorite batsman hitting such big sixes. But when the batsman is going to hit a ball for a six then he must put in a lot of efforts. He needs constant practice to hit big shots like these.

According to an interview conducted by Betway before the start of the IPL, some attacking batsman like Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Nicholas Pooran always try to hit huge sixes rather than running between the wickets. That’s why these batsmen have very successful IPL careers. These batsmen are successful because of their shot selection and power hitting abilities. Here are given some tricks that how you can put your strength all together to hit big shots in cricket:

  • The back-lift

The back-lift has a direct impact of the bat on the ball. Six hitters like Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant effortlessly put the ball out of the boundary with the bigger back lift. It is the secret of every power hitting of players. When the bat comes down the ball then it becomes easy for the batsmen to put their strength altogether and hit that ball out of the park.

The back lift can be increased when either the downswing starts early or the speed of the bat increases. Ricky Ponting, Australian Batsman moves his wrists at the highest point of the back-lift to get the bat higher back lift and from this the bat speed is also increased.

  • Momentum

For a batsman it is easier to hit a fast bowler for a six as a batsman can use the pace of the ball to hit such a powerful shot. For hitting a six against spinners a batsman needs his additional power. In other words, momentum is very important to hit such huge sixes.

  • Using the feet

To adjust the back lifts this technique is very, very important. When a batsman uses his feet then he throws the weight of his body behind the shot at the point of impact and can get a better impact of the bat on the ball. It’s a common strategy used by batsmen like Virendar Sehwag to step out of the crease against the spinners and hit sixes. But batsmen like Kieron Pollard like to stand in the crease and generate their own power to hit sixes.

  • Timing

Sachin Tendulkar and Rohit Sharma are gifted with this skill by the gods. These payers don’t try to hit a ball too hard or uses modern techniques, but they hit a ball with good timing and send the ball out of the stadium. With their good timing, the ball hits the bat at the sweet spot and at the right point. While doing so the weight is transferred from one foot to another at the point of impact and the ball easily goes out of the boundary.

  • Free the arms

When the ball is pitched up then you have to create sufficient space so that you can easily swing your arms freely. By this you will create an extra room for yourself and can easily clear the boundary. 

Interview was discovered at Betway’s blog


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