Gordon Beckham, the Savior?



By Randy Satovitz

After months of getting told by Jerry, Kenny, and Ozzie that Mr. Beckham was not going to be brought up by the Chicago White Sox, the unthinkable happened.  It was much more shocking than when moved from Double A to Triple A and shifted to third base.  He played every single game at the University of Georgia at shortstop, so the Sox are obviously not looking at Alexei Ramirez playing center field (or moving back to second base) to open up that option.  Josh Fields has been struggling with more strikeouts (58) than games played (51), so the situation at third is getting desperate.  I wasn’t very pleased that Beckham was brought up so early in the season, but the fact is: he’s up here, so he might as well stick around.

Ozzie has given him no love; referring to him as ‘Bacon,’ but White Sox fans are standing by their most hyped up draft pick since Alex Fernandez.  He is currently 1 for 17 with three strikeouts, but he is at least getting the bat on the ball.  If he wasn’t making contact, then I would say he came up too soon.  He’s just been very anxious thus far, as any player with such high expectations would be.  Former White Sox All-Star third baseman, Robin Ventura went 0 for 41 to start his 1990 rookie season and look how good of a player he became.

Beckham has swung at the first pitch and put it in play in a third of his plate appearances (6 for 18).  That is unheard of for an entire season, but those jitters will go away as he develops more plate patience over time.  I have no worries that Beckham will become an All-Star in a few years.  I know all Sox fans have heard this before: player x just needs more at-bats and will pan out. And this time, they are exactly right.

Beckham needs to start every day for at least a month in order to really see what the White Sox have.  At that point, we can really see how developed our future All-Star has become.  I would say by Independence Day, his average will be well past his weight (190) and have more than a few long balls to his credit. (Barring any major setbacks)  I can even see plenty of fans wearing Beckham jerseys- some baseball, others soccer.  The savior has come to the White Sox; to bring us back to our 2005 glory days. It took Moses 40 years, but Beckham should bring salvation in much shorter time. Just don’t expect it this season.

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  1. Paul Schmidt says

    He’s not a savior. He’ll be a nice ballplayer. Offensively I don’t think he’ll ever be a ridiculous supoerstar.

  2. paulmbanks says

    He’ll be good. but not good enough to salvage this sinking ship. It’s time to wave the white flag on 09

  3. I once thought Mark Prior was the Cubs Savior… and look how THAT turned out…

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