Cleveland Browns Force Local Radio Host to LOSE IT! (Audio)


Wow, the phrase “long suffering Cleveland sports fans” may be the biggest understatement of the century. Even though all three teams are really down right now, it’s true that the Browns have a much more “through thick and thin” fan base than the Cavaliers and Indians. And it’s true that the Browns don’t receive the criticism they properly deserve.

Enter Greg Kozarik, the host of “Locked and Loaded” on the Digital Sports Network.

Kozarik exploded yesterday in a manner very similar to Cleveland Indians play by play announcer Bruce Drennan last summer. There’s just something about sports in the place where the Cuyahoga meets Lake Erie that drives people into homicidal-sounding rage.

In full disclosure mode, this site’s main two contributors are weekly guests on DSN’s “News, Notes & Rumors with Will Smith” (no, not that Will Smith) from 8-10 ET weeknights. So we’re big fans of the network programming.

Back to Kozarik, you can make yourself a nice little drinking game for this clip; every time he uses the word “process.” And he even refers to the Lerner family as “the devil themselves.”

Good times!

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