8 Unusual Sports To Try


Tambov, Russian Federation – January 20, 2019 Quidditch Match Lego Harry Potter play set. Marcus Flint and Harry Potter on broom captured the Golden Snitch against goalposts and gray baseplate background .

Most sports like volleyball and baseball are known across the globe. However, not all are aware of the unusual sports. Even if they’re quite bizarre, some of these unusual sports are taken seriously. In fact, they even have World Championships. Although such sports are hard to believe and a little strange, this makes them great and unique at the same time.

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or a sports enthusiast, being aware of the unusual sports in the world can help widen your knowledge about the world of sports. Plus, such can help you connect with other athletes or sports service providers. To get the best results, visit platforms like The Pro’s List to take your game to the next level.

Below are some of the unusual sports you might want to try in the future:

1. Quidditch

It started as a fictional game for wizards in the Harry Potter series. Many fans loved the concept of quidditch that it became a real sport played around the world.

When it comes to quidditch, the team is made up of 7 athletes who will play with a broom between their legs. It’s similar to tag, rugby, and dodgeball.

2. Ostrich Racing

Originated in Africa, ostrich racing is another unusual sport you can try. The players need to sit on the ostrich and race to the finish line.

What you should know is that an ostrich can stride up to 16 feet distance and 19km per hour. It makes the race more exciting and adds an extra flavor of fun with danger. If you’re brave enough to try challenging sports, you might want to include ostrich racing in your list of must-try sports.

3. Chess Boxing

It’s a sport that combines boxing with chess. The opponents need to endure a total of 11 rounds between the board and the ring. Every four minutes, the bell will ring and the game will change on the chessboard; and for every three minutes, the players will take the game in the boxing ring. Typically, the players only have a minute to get ready before every round.

4. Underwater Rugby

Although it’s referred to as rugby, it has nothing to do with it. This is a sport that’s invented by German diving trainers to do physical exercises in a fun way. It’s played in a pool by up to five members, and there are two teams. Every player needs to wear a snorkel tube and fins. The main objective of underwater rugby is to score points by putting the ball in the opposing team’s basket.

5. Toe Wrestling

In terms of unusual sports, the United Kingdom has plenty of them. One of these is toe wrestling wherein two individuals fight with their toes and lock feet to pin one another’s foot down.

The world championship for toe wrestling is organized annually to showcase the finest athletes of this sport. During the championship, the players will play three rounds and try to beat one another by bringing the foot of the opponent down.

6. Bike Polo

As its name implies, bike polo is an affordable and more accessible version of the original polo sport, which used horses. Generally, it’s played on the hardcourt and the teams of the 3 players will try to outscore the opponents over a game that may last up to 15 minutes.

All players have mallets that they can use for hitting the street hockey ball into the goal of the opposing side. All of these should be done while riding a bike. Even if it’s mocked for being a hipster sport, this game requires technical skills and abilities.

7. Korfball

Widely known in the Netherlands, Korfball is a mixed sport that’s similar to basketball and netball. The teams often include four males and four females to score points by throwing the ball to the basket of the opposing side.

This unusual sport may seem simple, but the difference basically comes with the court’s setup. Every team is typically split in half and they’re not allowed to leave their zones. The game’s focus is on teamwork and agility, with holding, blocking, and tackling not allowed, and players can only defend the opponents of the same gender.

8. Bo-Taoshi

Also considered as Japan’s wildest game, it’s a bizarre and chaotic sport, which serves as a Japanese military training exercise. This sport involves capturing the flag, which isn’t only hidden, but a huge pole surrounded by up to 75 defenders who defend the flag from another 75 attackers. These days, bo-taoshi is also played in schools and used as one of the defense training programs.


Those are just some of the numerous unusual sports to try. Most of them are probably the sports you never knew existed, but many people had been enjoying them for decades or years. If you’re interested to try such sports, just choose one that will match your personal preferences.


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