Patriots Zoltan Mesko: He is, the Most Interesting Punter in the World

zoltan mesko

Yesterday, I saw a lot of search engine love for former Michigan Wolverines and current New England Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko, an athlete with a fascinating back-story. For some reason, a lot of people were searching for Zoltan Mesko t-shirts lately. I guess the cult status he had in Ann Arbor is spreading to the NFL, or Boston at least.

So I figured it was time to re-publish this exclusive from 2009 Big Ten Media Day.

When I first saw that Michigan brought their punter to Media Day, I thought “well, that makes sense he had a ton of work last season, and probably will again this fall. But seriously, who brings their punter?”

Then again Michigan State brought their kicker, and conference favorite Ohio State defied logic and reason to bring their 6th, 10th, and 24th best players.

By Paul M. Banks

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