Yep, these are our Readers


By Paul M. Banks

I’ve gotten my news from the Daily Show and Colbert Report for a quite a few years now. Given how pathetic cable news is (CNN sucks, Fox is blatantly a conservative PR firm and MSNBC is trying to do the same thing the opposite way, but with less balls) and how local network news is SO AWFUL it makes the cable news business look closer to respectability, Comedy Central is the place to go. And their sports news is getting better too, especially with these two vids. This is just hysterical, the Clash between Philly and New York to see who has the douchiest fans. Love Jason Jones’ Michael Irvin style suit and the concept of parodying an on-site sports pregame show in general. Watch the douche-off between New York and Philly fans, you will want to watch it again and again.

Obviously, these people are NOT our readers, I doubt they know how to read.

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The second video is Bill Simmons’ recent appearance on the Colbert Report, where he was plugging his new tome, “The Book of Basketball.” He made the bold statement that basketball is where we are now as a culture, and that “baseball is the new golf” and now only for everyone over 50. I’m not saying he’s right, but if he is it would be good for The Sports Bank, as we do our best numbers BY FAR in hoops content. I always get compliments on my TSB business card, because the orange at the top and the surface prompts people to tell me that “it feels like a basketball.” Not intentional, but a good marketing ploy now nonetheless.

Since b-ball does best here, perhaps it’s a little validation of Simmons’ theory. I admit football is my favorite sport, but college basketball may be my 1a. And as MLB has joined the NFL in being Draconian in their media access policies, and Stalinesque about controlling the message that gets out, the NBA is all the more warm and welcoming, And that goes a LONG WAY in determining my favorite game.

And the best test for what league you like the most is how many out-of-market games you’ll watch on television. And when I don’t have a dog in the fight, I’m a million times more likely to watch b-ball than baseball. And the NBA is much more fun to watch on TV than MLB in general. And with the way population demographics are shifting, The Sports Guy could be right, and emphasizing hoops is right for Sports Bank. Yup, these are our readers.

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