Cubs Owner Ricketts Rejected by State, Announces New Investment Plan

tom _ricketts

Yesterday wasn’t very good to Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. Here’s what went down according to the Chicagoist:

Since announcing their proposal for modernizing Wrigley Field last week, the Ricketts family has been lambasted by the media and shot down by both the mayor and governor. The Tribune’s Phil Rogers seems to be the lone village idiot who thinks that the Cubs do deserve public funding to fix up Wrigley — justifying it by saying that the other teams in town got money to build their parks. Never mind that we’ve got record deficits and budget shortfalls, and we’re still taxing away to pay off the debt on those stadiums. A simple comparison of the Cubs’ and Yankees’ trophy cases can demonstrate that life’s not fair.

Ricketts plan to extort public funding from the city and state in order to augment his private financial bottom line failed, and he claims to have no plan B. Sure, and those drunken idiots in the bleachers not watching the game are “true baseball fans.”

Well Ricketts rebounded today and held a press conference highlighting the features of his new Wrigleyville investment plan. Here are some of the snippets of that post-presser released statement. I warn you it’s 99.999% corporatespeak and public relations propaganda:

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