The Detroit Lions: Where Depression Happens


By H. Jose Bosch

Now that the NFL Network has started to show Thursday Night games, the NFL has made an effort to make clever commercials to create buzz for each week’s game.

This is no surprise as both NBC and ESPN do the same thing for their night games on Sunday and Monday nights.

But why stop there? Sure, many of these games are key match ups but as the season progresses and some teams are long out of the playoff race, why not come up with clever promos for the bad teams? Even they need to fill the seats and want higher ratings, right?

So just a week past the season mid-point, I’ve taken it upon myself to write up some promos for the Lions’ remaining games. After all, the fans need just about any reason to actually watch a Lions game.

Cleveland at Detroit: “It’s your only chance to watch a team with a worse quarterback situation than ours!”

Green Bay at Detroit (Thanksgiving): “We give you a reason not to talk with your in-laws!”

Detroit at Cincinnati: “Ochocinco es muy bueno. Los Liones son horribles. Pero, no comprendes espanol. Si? Si.”

Detroit at Baltimore: “Watch us and you’ll get to see Ray Lewis do his cool little dance!”

Arizona at Detroit: “Stay long enough and YOU may be chosen to replace the secondary after it’s been repeatedly torched!”


Detroit at San Francisco: “You really don’t want to return those Christmas gifts, do you? Watch us instead!”

Chicago at Detroit: “Watch us beat a Bears team that has probably given up at this point!”