What did I miss?: First week edition


By H. Jose Bosch

We here at The Sports Bank understand how difficult it can be to keep up with your favorite sports teams. Sometimes life gets in the way. Your boss keeps you late at work, the Internet cuts outs or your child needs you to create their entire sixth-grade science project the night before it’s due. Whatever the reason, you might miss something funny, interesting, sad or in the case of the Detroit Lions all three.

That’s why every Friday morning/afternoon The Sports Bank will throw up some of the more interesting stories that have happened over the last week (Monday-Friday) involving your favorite teams in the NFC North and Big Ten footprint.

Now, let’s be honest, not every team has interesting news every week. But we are equal opportunity here so we will try very hard to touch any and everything worth talking about. But, if you’d like to share something you thought was left out, please feel free to start a discussion in our comment section.

Now, on to some of the highlights, or lowlights of this past week:

So it looks like Brett Favre will actually stay retired and this awful saga has finally come to a close. But, um, someone should tell the Chinese about it.

It’s so cute when a player and his agent form a bond stronger than that of a mother and child. Unfortunately Joel Segal is erasing all that good will by not getting his client signed before the start of training camp. Facing drug use charges head on was easy. Facing your teammates after holding out, um, not so easy.

Allegedly Brain Urlacher called Jay Cutler a word that rhymes with wussy. But in denying it, Urlacher definitely called the radio station that mentioned it a bunch of wussies.

I’m not sure what should excite Lions fans more about the Matt Stafford era: an insightful two-part feature on him or these vacations pictures. The journalist in us say the feautre but let’s be honest, those pictures are pretty awesome.


MLB’s trade deadline is still hours away and as of this writing the rumored Orlando Cabrera to the Twins deal wasn’t official. But if the Twins complete the deal,  you can credit their stars for calling out management earlier in the week.

Speaking of the deadline, the Tigers opened the first salvo on the American League Central by acquiring Jarrod Washburn today.

And a day after leading the Cubs to a 12-3 win, Kevin Hart was traded to the lowly Pirates for John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny. Thanks for the win Kevin, now we’re sending you to baseball hell.
No one has had a more clutch week than Dewayne Wise. First his amazing catch last Thursday and now a game-winning hit a week later. Will his stock ever be higher?

Ozzie thinks all 104 names in 2003 report should be released at once.

And to end this on a lighter note, check out Everyday Should be Saturday’s post on Rich Rodriguez’s meeting with Jamie Foxx. (We’re not kidding; the two of them actually met and hung out while Rodriguez was in Chicago). Also check out an interesting story about official Major League Baseball scorekeepers.

So this was our first week of “What did I miss?” Imagine a beta tag next to this. This feature will surely mutate and evolve over the next few weeks but it will always be available sometime between Friday morning and afternoon.

If you have any comments, suggestions or tips for our feature, please send them to whatdidimiss09 [at] gmail [dot] com.