Jim Riggleman is Nuts: Nationals Managerial Job is a Sweet Gig

Stephen Strasburg

One of the problems that members of the sports world continuously have is an inflated ego. They are surrounded by friends and family who consistently tell them how great they are.

This is obviously the case, otherwise they wouldn’t hold the positions that they do. What these members of the entourage don’t comprehend is that they are surrounded by the top people in the world in their respective fields and that there are varying degrees of excellence.

Jim Riggleman held one of the most coveted positions in sports. He was a major league manager for the Washington Nationals before he abruptly resigned recently after a one to zero victory by his team. Abandoning his club on the verge of their interleague series against the Chicago White Sox is a cowardly and spineless move.

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Jim Riggleman Makes Dumb Decision in Walking Away from Nationals

Remember when the Washington Nationals sucked? Yeah, just about 2 weeks ago. Since the Montreal Expos came to America they’ve been a joke. However, things are starting to turn around in our nation’s capital and manager Jim Riggleman has lead them to a 35-34 record this season. Pretty impressive.

He should be proud and happy.

He should resign? Wait, what?

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