#68 Tulsa Golden Hurricane: College Football 77 in 77

tulsa cheerleader

Does completely land-locked Tulsa really get a lot of hurricanes? And how exactly does one have a hurricane of the golden variety? I guess those are some pretty strong storms to come all the way from the Gulf of Mexico into Oklahoma.

Such is the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, who are becoming one of the more interesting college football programs in C-USA. This year, quarterback Cody Green (a Nebraska Cornhuskers transfer) looks to carry on the recent tradition of G.J. Kinne, David Johnson and Paul Smith.

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College Football 77 in 77: #65 Tulsa Golden Hurricane

When you consider that Tulsa, Oklahoma is smack dab in the heart of Tornado Alley, why did their University football team pick a hurricane as their mascot instead? And how exactly does a hurricane become “golden?” Is that for category fives only?

Category four hurricanes are “silver?”

Ridiculously stupid nickname aside, Tulsa can play some college football. In 2010, they had a really nice balanced offense that was 6th overall in the nation; 15th in rushing, 13th in passing. The only problem was the defense, especially the pass defense, which was dead last nationally.

Basically, even you and I could find a way to gain passing yards against them. But they had a wonderful season all things considered. The defense found a way to force turnovers and stop opponents enough when they had to. The G.H. went 10-3, 6-2 in Conference USA
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Viva la Sun Bowl! Notre Dame vs Miami: Game preview

Only few would have properly predicted the location of the old west Texas town of El Paso for the reunion, but nonetheless, the famed Notre Dame/Miami rivalry reignites on New Year’s Eve near the Mexican border.

Bowl games are a great reward for the teams as the players and coaches get to enjoy a few days of activities and events leading up to the game, but once the ball is kicked, no one will care that Coach Kelly took the team shopping for new boots.

Yes, that did happen.

Both teams thought they were set at the quarterback position going into the season, but entering the bowl game, that is not the case for either squad.

Jacory Harris has been wildly inconsistent all season, and the injury to the Irish’s Dayne Crist has thrust untested Tommy Rees into more action his freshman year than anyone anticipated.

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