Tracy Morgan Deems Sarah Palin “Masturbation Material” on NBA Show


Remember when Tracy Morgan went on that talk show a few years ago (he was extremely drunk) and talked about how bad he needed to impregnate someone that night? (awkward). Well the “30 Rock” star is at it again. When rocking the NBA on TNT set he stated that Sarah Palin makes for perfect masturbation material.


And you thought the 2006 pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel topless sun-bathing were hot. (They really weren’t).

Palin has not commented on this situation as of yet, but I’m sure she’ll go one of two ways with this:

a.) “you can actually see parts of Tracy’s penis from the coast of Alaska”

b.) “Tracy’s pro-masturbation agenda is in direct conflict with my platform of abstinence-only sex education”

Here’s the vid:

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