Charles Barkley Calls Republican Presidential Field “Idiots” (Video)


New Weight Watchers pitchman and former NBA star Charles Barkley seems pretty confident President Barack Obama will win a second term. A guest on “The Tonight Show,”  Barkley talked about the GOP 2012 hopefuls and said, “As a Democrat who loves the president, I am downright giddy. They ain’t no way we can lose to them idiots.”

Not that Barkley is a political expert or anything, but I totally believe he’s right. As things stand now, I’m sure Obama will beat Mitt Romney handily. But of course, a lot of things can change between now and November 2012.

And remember Barkley is not a role model. He’s here to rebound the ball, not raise your kids. He had some more good lines during his spot, watch it after the jump.

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