Tom Brady’s new UGG’s ad (video)


Today marks the official launch of the new UGG for Men TV spot and integrated marketing campaign starring Tom Brady, entitled “Pink Slip.”

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Aaron Rodgers’ 2011 Numbers Aren’t Far Off From Tom Brady’s 2007 MVP Season






For most of the 2011 season, the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers has been the odds-on favorite to win his first MVP award. With the Packers losing against the Kansas City Chiefs and the Saints’ Drew Brees making a run at Dan Marino’s all-time passing record, it may not be as clear cut of a race as we thought.

However, if we go back just a few years ago, you can see that Rodgers has compiled a resume similar to what Tom Brady did during the 2007 season, a year in which Brady won the first of his two MVP awards.

If Rodgers plays in the final two games of the season, I think the argument can be made that Rodgers has actually had the better season, even though the Packers won’t finish undefeated and he won’t throw 50 touchdowns. [Read more…]

Tom Brady Admits He Spins the Truth to the Media

Aye aye Captain Obvious.

Get ready for the revelation of a notoriously obvious truth to become a media sensation.

I cannot stress enough how useless most interviews with most professional athletes truly are. After sorting through numerous rooms in the cliche convention that is a NFL player interview, you may find some small space for nuggets of truth and interesting banter.

We know they’re lying to us, or they adopt the Chicago Bears media relations policy of “go eff yourself!”

Or it’s Orwellian doublespeak, or banal, brainless coachspeak 90% of the time. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady further validated that today.

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