Tim Tebow headed to Jaguars, not CFL or UFL


We all know Tim Tebow is bad at quarterbacking, bad at throwing, bad at NFL football. There was even talk he could be out of the league once he was released by the New York Jets. After all he know how much Mark Sanchez sucks; and if you can’t beat him out for the position. And then he couldn’t even beat out the other guy, the kid from Alabama, well the future is not so bright.

But it looks like he’ll get another chance with the Jacksonville Jaguars. ESPN has already sent out an internal memo to all their staff to ramp up their Jaguars coverage 3000 %

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Jacksonville fans don’t want Tebow

tim tebow

By Paul M. Banks

No prospective 3rd-6th round NFL Draft pick has been as publicized or as scrutinized as ex-Florida QB Tim Tebow. From Senior Day to the Combine to his own personal workouts, no other potential NFL Draft pick as received even a miniscule fraction of the coverage that Tebow has. And certainly no player projected to be as drafted as low as Tebow received even 1/1,000,000 of the publicity that Tebow has inspired. And it all makes perfect sense given that no college athlete in history has garnered the unconditional love from the media that Tebow has.

But all that positive publicity still hasn’t sold the  Jacksonville Jaguars ticket-buying fanbase.

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