New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers: franchise twins

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In 1997, the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots came together for a Super Bowl in New Orleans. In 2007, the Pack finished a couple plays short of joining the NE Pats in the NFL title game once again. This season, a Packers-Patriots finale could very well happen; and it’s becoming a trendy pick to actually forecast this scenario.

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Randy Moss No longer Behaved “The Patriot Way”


Remember playing football in the schoolyard? When the quarterback, or maybe even the team itself, just decided not to throw to one individual for the whole game. Maybe you were that player being ignored, or maybe you’re the one who acted petty, vindictive and childish. But the NFL is too professional for such acts, right?

Not exactly.

When the New England Patriots dismantled their division rival Dolphins in Miami 41-14 Monday night, they consciously ignored Moss. With this tacit act, Bill Belichick made it publicly known that Randy Moss had worn out his welcome in Foxboro.

While the timing of his trade to the Minnesota Vikings, and the deal itself seem senseless from New England’s standpoint- take the time to look at it with more detail, from the organizational point of view- it makes perfect sense.

For a Vikings fan rebuttal to this essay go here.

By Paul M. Banks

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