NHL: shortened season, big expectations


The hockey lockout is finally over. The teams are back and ready for a season even if it is shortened. The big question is, who will come out on top and who will fall flat? Well, here are some predictions.

The TOP Two Contenders for the Cup:

The Los Angeles Kings: It is tough for teams to have a repeat win in the Stanly Cup Finals. No team has been able to do it since the Detroit Red Wings in 1998. However, The Kings have a chance. They haven’t changed their team dramatically, keeping the players that had big impacts in the team’s first win.

The New York Rangers: The New York Rangers picked up Rick Nash from Columbus during the off season. On a real team, Rick Nash will be an explosive player making 30 to 40 goals. The team’s defense will also be a big factor. The Rangers usually have a solid defense and it should continue through this season.

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