St. Louis Rams NFL Draft Prospectus

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For the St. Louis Rams, the team with the #1 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, this year marks a chance for them to build on a solid foundation that they’ve already laid the ground work for. They got their franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford last year, now they need a legit wideout to pair with him- or maybe some additional protection up front.

Of course, this team is coached by Steve Spagnuolo, the new boy defensive genius of the NFL, so you know they’ll load on that side of the ball too. Here’s what I have mocked to them in the first three rounds.

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St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions Coaches Make BONEHEAD Decisions

Why on Earth were Steven Jackson and Sam Bradford still in the game during the waning moments of the Saint Louis Rams thrashing at the hands of the Detroit Lions?

The Rams are currently in the race for the NFC West title, even with a mediocre record thus far. Jim Schwartz and Steve Spagnuolo must have been out late at the MGM the night before the noon kickoff. There is no fathomable excuse as to why Sam Bradford would be taking snaps in the last drive of a game that ended up 44-6. It even builds morale for the back-up quarterback if he is able to go under center and gain some valuable game experience.

It also gives the coach an insurance policy in case his golden boy, Bradford, is lost to injury.

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