Penn State Scandal Reaches South Park (Video)


Well, that didn’t take long. You knew America’s most irreverent and possibly most polarizing satirists were going to weigh in on the Penn State scandal much sooner rather than later.

I recommend that you watch the rerun of last night’s episode of South Park on Comedy Central! Check your digital listings guide and DVR it! It was hilarious; not just because of the Penn State jokes, but the white trash jokes- which were much funnier actually.

It’s sad that most of the people I know don’t use the term “white trash” anymore. Maybe they’re more PC than I am; maybe they’re like an alarmingly high number of people in this country- trying to emulate “Jersey Shore” and therefore become white trash themselves, but whatever the reason, the term is dying.

SO GLAD to see South Park reviving it. See Chris Rock’s bit on the dwindling of the N word/how he likes to still use the word in spite of that, and you’ll understand why I cling to using the term “white trash,” because I’m surrounded by it almost everywhere I go.

Back to PSU and South Park, watch a snippet after the jump.

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College Football 77 in 77: #73 Colorado Buffaloes

colorado cheerleaders

If it weren’t for the Washington State Cougars, and the mess that’s currently unfolding in their program, the C Buffs would be the worst team in the Pac 12 this season.

Yet there’s excitement in Boulder about CU alum Jon Embree taking over the program (noticing a trend here? All but one of the first five in the 77 in 77 are starting over with a new coach) and installing his west coast offense which should be fun to watch and put points on the board.

As for the defense, well…did we mention they have a new coach and offensive system? This is certainly not your older brother’s Colorado Buffaloes. Although their biggest offensive weapon is a guy named Stewart (not Kordell) and again Eric Bienemy will play a major role in the offense.

By Paul M. Banks

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