NBA’s Kings to Remain in Sacramento Another Year

Sacramento Kings cheerleaders

After months of speculation, the Sacramento Kings decided on May 2 they’re going to keep the NBA franchise in Sacramento for at least one more season. This will give Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (former Phoenix Suns NBA All-Star) the chance to prove he’s a man of his word and deliver a new arena for them to play in.

After failing to get a new venue in Sacramento, the Kings were thinking about heading over to Anaheim, Calif. But after thinking about it long and hard, decided to stay put and give Johnson another shot.

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NBA Power Rankings Western Conference 11-19


By Paul M. Banks

1. Phoenix Suns (10-2)

They have won eight of their last 11 in Houston. They feel more comfortable at the Rockets’ home court than Mark Mangino at an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.

2. Los Angeles Lakers (8-3)

A recent tweet from NBAGuy summarizes my thoughts exactly: “Hey Reggie Miller, how’d your 20-1 Lakers prediction work out? You dope”gorilla1

3. Denver Nuggets (9-3)

Is the Birdman, and his feel good story a NBA version of Josh Hamilton? Does that mean we’ll soon catch him doing naughty things with strippers?

4. Portland Blazers (9-4)

The number one defense in the league at 88 ppg. That will win you a lot of games, especially in an “Association” where so many teams treat the idea of guarding the way Jessica Simpson regards reading books.

5. Dallas Mavericks (9-3)

Their record is all the more impressive when you consider: Marion is out with a sprained left ankle, Dampier sat out his third straight game with an unknown illness and Howard has missed eight games due to offseason left ankle surgery.

6. San Antonio Spurs (4-5)

Antonio McDyess was a nice pickup wasn’t he? They better hope Manu Ginobili can stay healthy, especially with Tony Parker already out. Otherwise the best thing they’ll have going for them is the league’s most attractive fan in Eva Longoria.

7. Oklahoma City Thunder (6-6)

James Harden has had a couple nice games recently. And you may see them in the playoffs this year. As long you can get past the logo and team name which sounds like a Lingerie football or WNBA franchise.

8. Houston Rockets (7-5)

On paper, you really wouldn’t think that some of their pieces go together as a team. Yet they have a winning record. It’s like former Rocket Charles Barkley, whose arrest taught us that donuts and wine coolers go together…or at least they do for him.

9. Utah Jazz (5-6)

With Deron Williams back, all is well correct? No, not until they also have Kyle Korver back and finally get their front line healthy and clicking on all cylinders. It seems like ages since Utah had their forward depth at full strength.korverhair

10. Sacramento Kings (5-5)

From Kings’ blog Cowbell Kingdom “Nocioni’s defense has been pretty much spectacular and he’s easily been the best wing defender for the Kings this year.” Always liked Chapu when he played under Scott Skiles in Chicago.

11. New Orleans Hornets (4-8)

The fortunes of this team seem to be mirroring that of Utah, just a couple years behind. I think they’ll finish with a above .500 record, just not much higher.

12. Los Angeles Clippers (4-9)

They need Blake Griffin badly. Until then…as put it, “The Clippers essentially have no chance to win when Baron reverts back to the shot happy, poor decision making version of himself that he was last year.”

13. Golden State Warriors (3-8)

To quote a tweet from “I don’t think Acie Law ever wants to see the Bradley Center again.”  That was the man “defending” Brandon Jennings the night he dropped 55.

14. Memphis Grizzlies (3-8)

Have you seen their attendance figures lately? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Memphis Grizzlies themselves have never even heard of the Memphis Grizzlies.

15. Minnesota Timberwolves (1-11)

Their only win was over the Nets at home, so that doesn’t actually count right? I think Michigan State might be able to beat the New Jersey Nets’ current lineup. After Ricky Rubio, this franchise is beginning to look cursed. But then again the Arizona Cardinals finally made it to the Super Bowl last year. So don’t give up hope Twin Cities.