Detroit Red Wings and Coach Mike Babcock: Will There Be a Seven-Year Itch?

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It’s hockey season in Detroit again. Time to put up with another 82-game grind. In the city’s self-ascribed “Hockeytown,” it’s considered par, not impolite, to look past the months of October through March so that the fans can worry about playoff match-ups.

The 82-game regular season is something that is tolerated in Detroit, not necessarily enjoyed. It’s a longer opening act than a bad comedian.

Wing Nuts actually had to pay attention, a little, to the regular season two years ago, when the calendar turned to 2010 and the Red Wings were still monkeying around, trying to secure a playoff spot. But that drama was short-lived and by the end of February, order was restored as the Red Wings distanced themselves from the bottom feeders.

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Red Wings vs. Sharks will be Epic Conference Semifinals Series


The Detroit Red Wings held off any speculation as to their potential
demise by via a 4-game sweep of the Phoenix Coyotes. The Red Wings did
struggle down the regular season stretch and while they are the NHL’s
oldest team, they appeared to have “flipped the switch” during their 1st
Round Stanley Cup playoffs series against the Coyotes, winning by an
average margin of 2 goals/game.

Meanwhile, the San Jose Sharks were engaged in a dogfight against the
Los Angeles Kings as the majority of the games went into overtime. In
fact, the goals scored for and against each team in the playoff series
was identical, so you can’t really get much more competitive than that.

By Ed Cmar

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