Yankees Robinson Cano Wins 2011 Home Run Derby in Arizona

Tonight at Chase Field in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona the 2011 MLB All-Star Home Run Derby was won by Robinson Cano from the New York Yankees. The second baseman for the evil empire bested Adrian Gonzalez, the first baseman from the rival Boston Red Sox.

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Milwaukee Brewers Weekly Check-In (7-11-11)

If you’re not one of those baseball nerds who follows every single thing going on in the Milwaukee Brewers Organization, don’t worry, because The Sports Bank’s Nick Grays has you covered with what happened in the past week and what’s going on in the future.

And if you are one of those nerds, feel free to join in on some good old analysis of America’s pastime in the Brew City.

This week we discuss the Brewers’ first half of the season, the upcoming All-Star festivities and beyond!
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Prote-J: The Man Behind Prince Fielder’s Music

One of the best parts about attending a baseball game is listening to which songs your favorite players have chosen to announce their arrival at the plate.

Most major-leaguers choose a song off the top 40 list or decide to revive a classic hit. Not Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder though, who has taken his at-bat swagger to the next level by having an up-and-coming rapper create music specifically tailored to the slugger.

Enter Prote-J, a talented rapper/producer/songwriter from the 3rd World Country, Papua New Guinea. Fielder bumped Prote-J’s “Heir to the Throne,” in 2010 and is now walking up to the plate at Miller Park to a new track entitled “Prince of the Game.”

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Prote-J and ask him about working with the hard-hitting first baseman and what kind of rapper he strives to be.

By: Nick Grays
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