Surprises from Week One in the NFL

Peyton Manning Fantasy Football

Stadiums, bars, and couches were packed all over the country as fans paid tribute to their fallen heroes from ten years ago and enjoyed the first Sunday during the professional football season. Besides wagering, the one thing that makes the NFL so appealing is that it is unpredictable. In baseball, it is obvious that the Red Sox and Yankees will perennially compete for the division crown. In the NFL, on any given Sunday…. Ok, enough with the Al Pacino flashback.

The Buffalo Bills took the Kansas City Chiefs out to the woodshed during week one. Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t put up big time yardage, but he did attain four touchdowns and spread the ball around with efficiency. Four receivers had more than sixty yards each in yardage. They were Stevie Johnson, David Nelson, and Scott Chandler. The thirty-four point victory on the road showed that good players don’t necessarily need to have name recognition from the masses.

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Peyton Manning’s 2011 Season is Over, Quite Possibly his Career Too!


We know this today, the Indianapolis Colts will probably not have Peyton Manning this season. You’ve heard two-three months as the timetable for his return. But given the extent of the injury, and the fact that no NFL quarterback has ever tried to come back after having done what Peyton will undergo, those two-three month estimates sound more like a way to give Indy hope, than an actual scenario.

It seems pretty clear his 2011 is done. You don’t need M.D. after your name to see that.

After traveling the entire country and consulting a half-dozen doctors, Peyton Manning elected to get a 3rd neck surgery on Thursday. This will be Peyton’s 3rd surgery on his neck since last season. The procedure is a one-level cervical neck fusion. It’s also referred to as a cervical spinal fusion.

Listen to this audio clip on 670 The Score Chicago “Boers and Bernstein” show.

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