Amidst Scandal, Penn St DT Devon Still Quietly Having Dominant Season


You’d be hard pressed to find an All-American college football season as obscure and overlooked as Devon Still in 2011. Sure, the pedophilia scandal at Penn State is much bigger and more important than football.

And the media is treating it as such they should. Also, leading to Still’s relative obscurity is the fact that offense sells tickets, and gets the glory. Defense is overlooked. And as well know, the PSU offense is awfully bad, with the quarterbacking and passing game phantasmagoric.

However, Still, a 6-5, 310-pound senior is getting it done for a Penn State defense that ranks third nationally in points against (13.0 per game), trailing only Alabama and LSU.

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Penn State Gets Ex-FBI Director to Lead Internal Investigation

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On Friday, the NCAA said they would launch their own investigation into the Penn State pedophilia scandal. This will accompany the criminal investigation into the allegations against Jerry Sandusky. And then there’s the internal investigation by Penn State University itself.

Former FBI director Louis Freeh was named Monday as the leader of that investigation.

According to the AP, Freeh’s inquiry

“will go as far back as 1975, a much longer period than a grand jury report issued earlier this month.

Freeh was named Monday to oversee the university board of trustees’ internal investigation into the abuse allegations that ultimately led to the ouster of longtime football coach Joe Paterno and university President Graham Spanier.

Freeh said his goal was to conduct a comprehensive, fair and quick review. His team of former FBI agents, federal prosecutors and others has already begun the process of reading the grand jury report and looking at records.”


We know the NCAA investigation may not have a lot of teeth. So it’s good to see that there is a former “G man” leading the school’s internal investigation. I also have faith justice will be served as the Federales will get down to business as they work on their case against the school.

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Penn State Scandal Reaches South Park (Video)


Well, that didn’t take long. You knew America’s most irreverent and possibly most polarizing satirists were going to weigh in on the Penn State scandal much sooner rather than later.

I recommend that you watch the rerun of last night’s episode of South Park on Comedy Central! Check your digital listings guide and DVR it! It was hilarious; not just because of the Penn State jokes, but the white trash jokes- which were much funnier actually.

It’s sad that most of the people I know don’t use the term “white trash” anymore. Maybe they’re more PC than I am; maybe they’re like an alarmingly high number of people in this country- trying to emulate “Jersey Shore” and therefore become white trash themselves, but whatever the reason, the term is dying.

SO GLAD to see South Park reviving it. See Chris Rock’s bit on the dwindling of the N word/how he likes to still use the word in spite of that, and you’ll understand why I cling to using the term “white trash,” because I’m surrounded by it almost everywhere I go.

Back to PSU and South Park, watch a snippet after the jump.

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