Current New England Patriots Dominance Resembles 2007 Team


The last time I saw a NFL team just absolutely annihilate everyone they played each week, it was in 2007. And it was also the same New England Patriots. That was the infamous undefeated season, the only team in NFL history to go perfect in a 16 game slate.

Of course, they also lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants in one of the greatest upsets in NFL history, so that 18-1 mark is forever blemished due to the failure in the big one. The ’07 Patriots repeatedly slaughtered opponents every week, partially out of “anger” from the Spygate controversy which struck them early in the season and then re-surfaced later at Super Bowl time.

The 2010 Patriots didn’t start out as strong as the ’07 team, but while the former team tailed off down the stretch, this team is warming up at exactly the right time. They utterly annihilated the Chicago Bears yesterday, and in doing so scored 30+ points for the fifth straight time.

By Paul M. Banks

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New England Patriots Blow Out Bears, Continue Rampage through NFL

patriots domination

It was billed as Super Bowl XX Redux, and also a prospective glimpse into this year’s Super Bowl: Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots is one of the most important regular season NFL games to happen in Chicago in a very long time. The result was a laugher that was decided long before halftime.

The Pats went into the locker room, and out of the Ice World of Hoth leading the Bears 34-0. This made the NE Patriots became the first team in football to clinch a playoff berth and it also produced their 5th straight games with 30+ points.

On Monday, New England will shoot up to #1 in all NFL power rankings, if they aren’t there already.

The blowout score made me so happy I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on tickets to this game. I know people think they’re “tough,” “cool” and  “bad ass” for enduring weather like this. But really, it only makes you “frost-bitten” “hypo-thermic” and “sent to intensive care.”

By Paul M. Banks

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