Kane & Toews Awkwardly Pick up Fictional Women in HORRIBLE Ad

patrick kane drinking

Have you seen the new Dell web ad featuring Chicago Blackhawks stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews? It is AWKWARD! It’s plot centers around two young, famous multi-millionaires making a poor and stilted attempt to pick up three women with their tech toy.

In other words, it’s really stupid and bizarre and I understand why it got pulled from YouTube. I’m sure the police resistance over at the Hawks Communications and Marketing departments did what they had to get this train wreck taken down before further embarrassment falls on the organization.

Ever since John McDonough and the Waylon Smithers to his Mr. Burns, Jay Blunk too over Blackhawks message control, the “Cubification” of the team has done a pretty good job preventing things like this from undermining their carefully crafted public image.

But THANK YOU hockey blog Subtle like Seabrook, for saving this for us.

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