Chicago Bears mock draft composite part 1

DJ Fluker

Mock drafts come a dime a dozen these days, and projections seem to change by the minute. Since the NFL Draft Combine started a few days ago, you can expect every draft expert to be shuffling prospect’s names all over their big boards as their stock rises or falls.

It’s still way too early to make a concrete prediction as to who the Bears will pick with the 20th overall pick on April 25th, but there are some definite trends starting to emerge in terms of names being linked to that pick.

It’s no secret that the main concerns for the Bears include the offensive line, linebackers, the offensive line, tight ends, and the offensive line. Did I mention the offensive line?

A quick trek through the internet will confirm this: almost every expert has an offensive lineman, linebacker, or tight end going to the Bears in the first round in their respective mock drafts.

To save you the arduous task of Google searching for multiple mock drafts, I’ve compiled a list of multiple projections from some of the most notable draft experts around. (View this site’s 1st round mock draft)

Granted, this list may change 10 seconds after this article gets published. But at the very least, we can see some of the early popular Bears mock draft picks for who may be heading to the Windy City.

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Northwestern’s most talented player in 2010? OT Patrick Ward


Last year, Northwestern’s running game was so below par that it inspired Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald, on one occasion, to utter obscenities in front of the media. It wasn’t so much the running backs themselves, but the offensive line. You might recall Fitz’s “I don’t give a sh** who plays” soundbite, in response to the front seven’s lack of run-blocking during the middle of the 2009 campaign.

But this year, things should be a LOT different. The Offensive Line is returning all five starters; and two of them have lost their starting positions.

That’s the thing about this time of year- lots of programs boast of returning starters, and the experience they bring. And that can be good news or bad news, depending on the situation. However, if you’ve found better players than who you had starting last fall…now you’re on to something.

And NU’s OL should really improve, led by starting Right Tackle Patrick Ward, the highest rated Wildcat recruit in years.

By Paul M. Banks

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