Obama Uses Football Metaphor in Bin Laden Death Photo Policy

President of the United States Barack Obama has decided not to release photographs of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s body, a senior administration official told NBC News on Wednesday.

“We don’t need to spike the football” he said about the decision.

Having looked at the photos himself, Pres. Obama says “there is no doubt we killed Osama bin-Laden.”

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John Cena Announces Bin Laden Death to WWE Crowd (Video)


Face of the WWF (the precursor to WWE) Hulk Hogan had an entrance song entitled “I am a Real American.” Former WWF superstar Hacksaw Jim Duggan was about as aggressively flag-waving as a Bush-Cheney ’04 supporter. So wrestling and jingoism have gone hand in hand for decades.

But this video after the jump may be as American as an Apple Pie in a tin made from a Chevy, with a crust of baseballs. WWE Champion John Cena takes the time to announce the capture/execution of Osama Bin Laden, as “Stars and Stripes Forever” plays him out on his ring exit.

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America as our Home Team: Osama, 9/11 and the Sporting World Reaction

You will always remember where you were when President Barack Obama informed the nation at about 11:45 p.m. ET on May 1st, 2011. His announcement that U.S. military operatives had caught and killed Osama Bin Laden is a generation defining moment.

Although the war on terrorism is far from over, the killing of Bin Laden, and the reaction of the American people, is a symbol of the continued healing America is still going through nearly 10 years after the horrific events of September 11th, 2001.

For those who lost loved ones on 9/11, it is a bittersweet moment. President Obama said it is “a good day” for America, but it is also one that brings back haunting images and memories of what happened at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and an empty field in Pennsylvania.

Where does our realm, the world of sports fit into all of this?

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