Former 49ers and Raiders OL assaults ex-boyfriend in fight over soy sauce


No that’s not a typo in the headline. I know you think that because the NFL has no current players who’ve come out of the closet. And there’s a very low number of ex-players (and since we’re talking about ex-Niners, c’mon Jeff Garcia, quit living the lie, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being who you actually are) who are known to be gay that this must be an error. However, it appears ex-San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Kwame Harris, a former first-round draft pick, has involuntarily been added to the list as a result of the legal issues stemming from a restaurant dispute.

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Raiders Sebastian Janikowski Ties NFL Record with 63 Yard Field Goal

Long before tonight, my favorite placekicker of all time is the Oakland Raiders Sebastian Janikowski.

The former Florida State PK nicknamed Sea Bass is big, Polish and lives life to the fullest. Sounds like a winning combination to me With three seconds to go before halftime of Monday night’s game at the Denver Broncos game, Janikowski drilled a 63-yard field goal to give Oakland a 16-3 lead heading into intermission.

The kick ties an NFL record shared by Denver’s Jason Elam (in 1998) and New Orleans’ Tom Dempsey (in 1970), respectively.

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