Chicago Bears Hindsight Draft

Jerry Angelo Hindsight

Imagine, if you will, Troy Polamalu returning a fumble he forced himself for a touchdown; Aaron Rodgers lofting up 50-yard bombs with pinpoint accuracy; and Maurice Jones-Drew dissecting a defense with his explosive speed.

Now, imagine all of those things happening… with those players wearing Bears jerseys. Call it crazy if you’d like, but the draft records show that former GM Jerry Angelo had the power to make all of this possible. In hindsight. [Read more…]

Chicago Bears Free Agency Analysis and Predictions

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants

Well, that escalated quickly.

GM Phil Emery followed up his amazing opening act last season with an equally impressive performance in the first few hours of this year’s free agency period.

About 60 minutes after the opening bell, former Giants tight end Martellus Bennett was watching the ink dry on his new four-year deal with the Bears. The terms of Bennett’s contract have not yet been disclosed.

A few hours later, ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirmed that former Saints Pro Bowl left tackle Jermon Bushrod would be joining Bennett in the Windy City on a five-year, $36 million deal, making him the highest paid offensive lineman in team history. [Read more…]

Fantasy Football Studs, Duds & Sleepers: AFC West

With the NFL lockout finally behind us, football fans can finally turn our attention from the courtrooms and onto the field, where it belongs. In the coming weeks, I will rank the fantasy studs, duds and sleepers for each division. Today, the AFC West goes under the microscope.

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2011 NFL Free Agency Signings and Trade Rumors: NFC Summary, Chris Johnson and More!


Have you missed all of the latest 2011 NFL Free Agent Signings? NFL Trades? Not sure where Sidney Rice or Zach Miller will be catching passes this season? Well we’ve got you covered.

It today’s posting, we cover every player in the NFC who has changed teams and their contract terms if we have them. It’s a plain and simple post, but a must read for NFL fans and fantasy football geeks alike.

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2011 NFL Free Agent Signings, Trade Rumors News: Umenyiora, Edwards, Floyd, Packers and more.



With many big names off the NFL free agent block, teams are still putting pieces in place. The New York Giants tell  Osi Umenyiora he’s off the trading block. Will Barack Obama become a Green Bay Packers Fan? What is next for former Chicago Bears Olin Kreutz and Braylon Edwards? What NFL Free Agent signings remain? Trade Rumors? NFL News?

The sportsbank’s all-pro section reveals the latest for you.

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2011 NFL Free Agency, Trade Rumors, News: Zach Miller, Umenyiora, Brown, Gore and More!

Since the 2011 NFL free agent signing period began, the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles have without a doubt been making NFL news. That trend continues. Former Oakland Raiders tight end Zach Miller has a new home in Seattle and Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown joins the Eagles backfield.

What is the hottest NFL news of the day? Latest 2011 free agent signings? NFL Rumors? The has you covered without holding out for a better contract.

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2011 NFL Free Agent Signings, Trade Rumors, NFL News: Frank Gore, Barrett Rudd and More!

The NFL free agent frenzy continues as Antonio Cromartie returns to the NY Jets. The Arizona Cardinals sign Todd Heap and the Chicago Bears part ways with Olin Kreutz. Where did Cedric Benson sign? What are the latest 2011 NFL signings? Free Agent moves? NFL Trade rumors?

The has you covered better than Nnamdi Asomugha covers a wide receiver!

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2011 NFL Signings and Trade Rumors: Peyton Manning, Vincent Jackson, Cam Newton, Asomugha & More!


Peyton Manning Fantasy Football

Peyton Manning may miss the start of training camp.  Is it due to his off-season knee surgery or contract negotiations?  Will QB Cam Newton be passing to Greg Olsen on opening day? Vincent Jackson is returning to the Chargers and why might the Eagles have one of the better defenses in the NFL this season?

The Sportsbank’s most popular new addition this year has you covered on the latest whirlwind movement in the NFL.

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2011 NFL Signings and Trade Rumors: Ochocinco, Greg Olsen, Vince Young and More!



Another day of NFL preseason is wrapping up and since our last report the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have made more moves. Nnamdi Asomugha also is down to two teams. What are the latest NFL Trade rumors?

What 2011 NFL Signings took place today? The Sportsbank has you covered.

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Busting Hockey’s #1 Myth: Unpronouncable Names


By Peter Christian

Every hockey fan has heard it at least once. Most have heard it a handful of times. The “it” I’m referring to is the lamest excuse to not watch the NHL on the planet.

It’s the “I can’t pronounce the player’s names” excuse. I’ve heard it everywhere. From family members who watched me grow up playing the sport to national sports figures and writers who are just to lazy to get involved. The excuse has spread its talons so deep into the sports culture that it has become more than an excuse, people actually think its true. There are sports fans out there who actually think that nearly every player in the NHL has a name that is a facial workout just to say. Except for one tiny fact: It’s a myth.

Yep, the whole thing is a big fallacy.

pronounced Asso-Mu-WAH

The names in hockey aren’t any tougher than any other professional sport in North America. Not when you consider that names like Favre, Ginobili, Nowitzki, Nnamdi Asomugha and Daisuke Matsuzaka have become easily pronounced in the other sports. The problem however is that NHL was one of the first leagues to truly welcome international players into its teams. The league expanded and so did the search for talent in Europe which meant that the NHL faced an influx of players with Northern and Eastern European backgrounds. Russian, Czech and Finnish players seem to sport the most difficult names to initially pronounce but just as with any name, a closer look is usually all it takes. Take a name like Ilya Bryzgalov. At first glance that looks like a mouthful of consonants. But a second look shows that it really isn’t that hard (Ill-Yah Brizz-GAL-off) to pronounce at all and after a little practice it simply rolls off the tongue. In fact that is the case with nearly every European name in the NHL (with the exception of Zybnek Michalek… that one takes some work).

pronounced tayves

That doesn’t mean there aren’t names that are truly tough to pronounce (even after seeing them spelled out) or make you scratch your head altogether, but those names largely belong to North American players. Names like Stastny (Stas-NEE), Toews (Taves), Phaneuf (Fah-NOOF), Bouwmeester (BO-Mee-ster) and my personal favorite Byfuglien (BUFF-linn) nearly always take someone else to pronounce them the first couple times so you can remember them. So if those names are from within our own borders or from our neighbors to the North, there’s no reason we can’t learn their names’ right? I mean we put up with a guy from Mississippi who pronounces his name FARVE but spells it FAVRE, don’t we?

So I think it’s time to put this whole name pronunciation thing to rest so that we puck heads can start focusing on the real reasons all you other folks don’t watch the most entertaining sport in the world.

You can also find Peter Christian’s “Rink Rat’s Cheese” blog at The Washington Times Communities

Bears should corner market on Asomugha

By Rikki Greenberg

The Bears have problems.

So many that it’s depressing to go into, but TSB informs no matter how disheartening the story may be. One of the problems the Bears face is a depleted and weak secondary. Every opponent the Bears defense faced this season knew they had a decent chance of putting up big numbers because the secondary failed to stop many of the people.
Looking at the Bears defensive league ranks last season is enough to make you stock up on the Kleenex for next season. The defense finished 30th against the pass (allowing 241.2 yards per game) and 23rd in first downs (314) allowed. Before your Mike Brown jersey becomes Fido’s next chew toy, I come with some good off season news. It’s rumored that the Chicago Bears are considering Oakland Raiders star cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who is up for free agency should he escape the franchise tag contract that he signed in 2008.   If Asomugha escapes the tag again this year, he would be a fantastic addition to the Bears roster for the following reasons:

1)      Decreased missed tackles

Numerous times throughout 08 (Tampa Bay week 3, Minnesota week 7, Houston week 17 to name a few) the Bears secondary had plenty of missed tackles. Many times we saw an opposing player get taken down 10-15 yards later then they should have. Of course, the cover 2 scheme is another reason for missed tackles in some situations. However, for this scheme Asomugha would be extremely valuable because he’s aggressive enough to go after the ball carrier and take him to the ground without the help of a second teammate. The Bears need that kind of added muscle in the secondary.

2)      Better coverage

The Bears secondary also had a nasty little habit of leaving a ridiculous amount of space between them and the opposing players. This becomes particularly destructive when an offensive threat such as Saints wide receiver Marques Colston can capitalize on this open opportunity with a 22 yard pass completion and a new set of downs for the Saints in the fourth quarter during Week 15 of the regular season. Former Bears wide receiver Bernard Berrian and his 99-yard touchdown pass during Week 13 of the regular season is another example of what happens when a big-play receiver is left wide open.

If Asomugha were to suit up in a Bears uniform next season, he could help alleviate some of these space issues in the Bears secondary because of his recovery speed and closing speed. The first time 2009 Pro Bowl starter could teach other Bears defensive backs some things about decreasing space and increasing contact, if Lovie manipulates the scheme to let him.

The Bears secondary finished the season with veteran cornerback Nathan Vasher rookie Zackary Bowman and starting safety Mike Brown (is there ever a season, he’s not injured?) on the IR list. As a result, the Bears are in desperate need of an athletic, healthy cornerback to fill the holes in the secondary. The scrappy, fearless playing style of Asomugha is exactly what the Bears need, especially since Brown isn’t going to be available for the 2009 season. With Asomugha on the depth chart, the core of defensive backs will get a boost of leadership, experience and talent. Even though Asomugha only has an extra year of experience in comparison to Bears second season cornerbacks Corey Graham, Trumain McBride and Marcus Hamilton, he’s years ahead in football knowledge and skill.