Will the NFLPA Boycott the Draft? and Other Lockout Stumbling Points


The NFLPA may have decertified thus giving up its status, but as a trade association, it can still pack a punch in the ongoing dispute with the league.

The latest rumor has it that the NFLPA is preparing to boycott the April 28-30 draft, by preventing the top prospects from entering the draft. Although nothing official has been heard from the NFLPA regarding the matter, what is certain is that the union met and held conferences with several of the top prospects and that it enjoys full support on that front. With all that in mind, a full boycott of the draft would also be possible – provided there’s consensus amongst the prospects on the matter.

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Player Safety to be Emphashized at NFL Owners Meeting

It might seem somewhat pointless, what with the player lockout, but the NFL has to continue functioning – and that means looking at rule changes and disciplinary procedures when the owners’ meeting is held in New Orleans from Sunday to Tuesday.

The lockout might be threatening to, at the very least, delay the 2011 season, but the competition committee must still do its job.

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Time to Drop the NFL Conduct Policy!


On April 10, 2007, the National Football League instituted a new conduct policy to help control off-field behavior by its players and also preserve the league’s public image. It was the brain child of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who wanted a tougher, new personal-conduct policy applying to the players’ personal lives and public image.

But given all the headlines (Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Vick, Pac Man Jones, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson- also the five players who have been suspended since this policy was implemented) we’ve heard during this three year period,  it’s clear Goodell’s attempts to play God and legislate morality aren’t exactly, uh, um, working- yeah that’s it.

By Paul M. Banks

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