Woodhead & Law Firm Show Patriots have Ground Game too


It’s very easy to think of the New England Patriots as a pass-first team, and they certainly are. Although the air attack isn’t quite once it was when Randy Moss was at his prime, the Patriots still became the first NFL team to reach six wins largely without him, and he wasn’t all that productive in 2010 while he was in Foxboro. (Or Foxborough, or Foxborro, depending on your spelling preferences).

Yes, Tom Brady to Wes Welker is what makes this offense truly go, but the Pats are 15th in the NFL in rushing at 107.1 yards per game. BenJarvis Green-Ellis has two AWESOME nicknames: “Law Firm” because that’s exactly what his four names sound like and “Boston Legal,” a corollary of his original nickname. He may have the coolest moniker in New England since former Red Sox pitcher Oil Can Boyd. And we need these nicknames more than ever these days, because too many athletes (A-Rod, I-Rod, D-Will, T-Will, T-Mac) are stricken with thoughtless abbreviations in place of legitimate nicknames.

By Paul M. Banks

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