2011 NBA Free Agent Power Forward Rankings

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With the NBA Lockout coming to an end, we now know that teams can start signing free agents on December 9th.  Like the NFL experienced once their lockout ended, there will be a frenzy period for teams to fill out rosters with the season tipping off on Christmas.

With the new labor agreement, there are some changes to NBA free agency.  A player can only receive a four-year maximum deal (five-year deal if they re-sign with their current team) and beginning in the 2013-14 season, teams will start receiving a harsher luxury tax penalty if they exceed the salary cap.  Teams will now only have three days to match an offer sheet for one of their restricted free agents.  Also, some names will be added to free agency after teams decide which players will be released under the one-time amnesty clause option.

With the salary cap expected to be around $58 million, half of the teams will under that number and have room to sign free agents.  Check out the bottom of the page to see which teams have space and how much.

Here is a look at the top free agent power forwards, where they might sign, and what kind of payday they will receive.

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2011 NBA Free Agent Power Forward Rankings

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There is no Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, or Carlos Boozer in this off-season of NBA free agent power fowards like there was a summer ago.  However, Mr. Kim Kardashian (aka Kris Humphries) is on the market as too is David West who announced that he will opt out of the final year of his deal with the New Orleans Hornets.  Here are my free agent power forward rankings and a list of which teams could be interested in their services.

UPDATED: 6/28/11

By: David Kay

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NBA Free Agent Power Forward Rankings

Free agency is officially underway.  Four All-Star caliber power forwards hit the market late last night and will be the center of attention for plenty of teams.  Here are my PF rankings including my predictions for where they will sign.

By: David Kay
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Celtics Sign Rasheed Wallace


By David Kay, Walter Football.com

After watching their two toughest competitors in the Eastern Conference make major splashes in the offseason, the Celtics put the full-court press on the free agent they wanted. The C’s sent their “Boston Three Party” as well as head coach Doc Rivers to woo Piston free agent big man Rasheed Wallace. If you are a veteran on the downside of your career, how can you say “no” to playing alongside the talent in Boston and a shot at winning a ring? You can’t.

That is why Boston and free agent Rasheed Wallace have agreed to what is being reported as a 2-year deal for the mid-level exception which will pay Wallace approximately $5.8 million next season. Wallace was being pursued by some of the better teams in the NBA; Cleveland, Orlando, San Antonio. Instead, Wallace decided to go green, thrusting the Celtics right back into the title hunt.

While the 34-year-old’s production has dipped off the past few years, he will be a more than serviceable fifth option in Boston’s starting lineup alongside veteran 30-somethings Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and the ever-improving Rajon Rando. Wallace will bring a talented inside/outside game to Beantown, and add to the experience, toughness and depth of the team.

Sure, Wallace has been known to be a major distraction in years past and can sometimes fly off the handle as demonstrated by his 296 technical fouls during his 14-year career, but pairing him up with an already established core of veterans should limit his negative impact on the team. I would imagine guys like Garnett, Pierce, and Allen will have Wallace’s respect and they should be able to keep him in line for the most part.

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Ranking the NBA Free Agent Power Forwards


Here are the top 3 NBA free agent power forwards, to view the rest of the list click here 


Carlos Boozer, Jazz (PO) (16.2 ppg, 10.4 rpg) Age: 27.
All indications are that Boozer will likely opt out of the final year of his deal with the Jazz that would pay him $12.6 million for next season. With Paul Milsap a restricted free agent and likely draw some serious interest from other teams, Utah is stuck with a major decision; try to re-sign Boozer for about $15 million a year or bring back Milsap at half the price. The likely choice will be for the Jazz to part ways with Boozer and bring back Milsap. That leaves one likely destination for Booze…

Prediction: signs 5 year, $75 million with Pistons.


David Lee, Knicks (RFA) (16 ppg, 11.7 rpg) Age: 26.
Lee has emerged into one of the most underrated players in the NBA. He plays hard every night, does all the dirty work down low, and has a knack for cleaning up the glass. Several teams will likely inquire about his services, and the Knicks may be willing to let him go to keep with their plan of having plenty of cap space for the 2010 offseason so they can make a serious run at LeBron, D-Wade, or Chris Bosh. However, New York would be idiotic to let him go and not get anything in return, so expect a sign and trade to be worked out that might net the Knicks some expiring contracts, young players, and/or draft picks.

Prediction: signs 6 year, $58 million with Knicks as part of sign-and-trade 

Paul Millsap, Jazz (RFA) (13.5 ppg, 8.5 rpg) Age: 24.
What happens with Millsap directly coincides with Boozer’s decision to opt out or not. Jazz ownership has already stated that they will match any offer another team makes to Millsap, who was very effective in filling in for Boozer after he suffered his season-ending injury. Again, Millsap will be the cheaper option for Utah and likely won’t be pried out of the Salt Lake City.

Prediction: re-signs 5 year, $38 million with Jazz

Here are the top 3 NBA free agent power forwards, to view the rest of the list click here