Indiana Pacers have Lots of Options, Cap Space this Offseason


With nearly $34 million coming off the books and a head coaching vacancy that has yet to be filled, there are certainly questions surrounding the Indiana Pacers and more questions will arise over the next week as the 2011 NBA Draft approaches. Despite finishing with a record below .500, the Pacers made their first postseason appearance since 2006. Indiana’s starting five will remain the same next season: Darren Collison, Paul George, Danny Granger, Tyler Hansbrough and Roy Hibbert.

However, even with money available to spend during the offseason, a weak free agent class may force the Pacers to look to the draft to fill any voids.

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Indiana Pacers: 2010 NBA Draft Analysis


The Indiana Pacers came into the 2010 NBA Draft needing to have a good night. They haven’t made the playoffs in four seasons, something not seen since the mid-80’s in Indianapolis. Coach Jim O’Brien was surprisingly given another year, while executive Larry Bird needed to make a big draft hit after missing so many times.

Mostly, the Pacers needed a solid point guard, so they were looking to trade. That trade did not come through, and the search continues. The Pacers drafted Fresno State forward Paul George, a move that raises all kinds of questions marks.

By Travis Miller, of Hammer and

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