NBA Players’ Union Hands Out Guidebook in Case of Lockout


It must be pretty tough trying to adjust to the real world after having everything handed to you on a silver spoon for most of your adult life. After all, having somebody take care of the first-class travel, accommodations, and restaurant reservations for pampered athletes requires a special skill.

Well it looks like the NBA millionaires will have to fend for themselves pretty soon if the league decides to lock them out. But if they do get told to take a hike when the current collective bargaining agreement runs out on June 30, the players’ union is doing its best to prepare them for the horrors that will surely follow. The union has written a 56-page guidebook on how to live without their outrageous salaries, called ‘Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.’ According to a union spokesperson, the books were handed out to clubs from November to February.

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